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we are under hurricane warning until Tuesday. Guess it will be a long night. Pray for those who are in LA, looks like they are about to get lit up again. Mobile will have some wind and rain, but overall we should be cool. Not so sure what the electric/cable/internet is going to look like over the next 36 hours, so hang in with me as we brave the storm. Ships Ahoy!

God uses this “life” to put us into positions. It is not our job to always figure out the positions, only to be sensitive to Him when we are in these positions and are to be ready. When we are in position we can see what is about to happen, react, respond, and maximize the moment. Tonight, my position is on the couch watching sonic the hedgehog with Zay, investing in OUR future. What position is God trying to put you in? I like to be a point guard…..

If you ever have the chance to travel with Jay, pack your patients, because my man has the worst case of “Customer Dis-Service” EVER! Here is a small snap shot of all that could go wrong, and DID!

Life is full of problems. Emotional, physical, mental, moral….life, job, family, finances, there are times you just have to decide you are going to be a problem solver and figure it out. Are your actions solving problems or starting them? Are you committed to figuring things out or pointing them out (usually the problem). God likes to play hide and seek sometimes. It may be the answer, it may be his presence, it may be “x” but it is our job to SEEK. There are a ton of Proverbs that revolve around seeking wisdom, if we seek, we can find the answers and be problem solvers.

Pace of life is crazy. I have been all out the last 5 days on the road. Landed and went straight to a meeting @ the office, an all day meeting. 2 conf calls and then home. Homework, make dinner, help clean up, kids in bed, prayers, finally a second to sit down. More tomorrow friends.

We are so excited about Lincoln Brewster and his new record: Today Is The Day.

I love that churches are already starting to sing this song. The record is a rocking, encouraging, and church crafted album, which makes sense since Lincoln is the Creative Pastor at Bayside church. Enjoy this short introduction via EPK to Lincoln Brewster.

Here is a clip from the lab. Making history. Tommy Sims (if you dont know who he is, click the link), Aaron Lindsay, and ISRAEL. 1 song a day, beginning to end. “….Your Not Mad @ Me, Your Not Mad @ Me, You Are Madly In Love With Me.” Jay makes the studio go down, he pushes. Enjoy.

Jay and I had a great conversation with Pastor Glen today about the difference between integrity and anointing. PG dropped it on Jay and I in the car today. Anointing has NOTHING to do with how you live. Anointing rises and falls based on God. Integrity is how you live the rest of your life when the anointing is not “on you”. I am not sure what all of this means, but I can tell you that Pastor Glen was really bringing it in the car. I think a lot of times people confuse gift with anointing. You could be anointed to be creative, to be a mechanic, to preach, to wash cars, to make records, whatever, but you do not “live the anointing”. You may minister under it for an hour, but what do you do with the other 23 hours? That is what makes or breaks someone. PG also said because the devil is not able to know the future, he picks and chooses his battles. It is rare you hear of a small church pastor “falling” (which really they do not fall, the just make a mistake, then have to collect, but that is another blog), because the devil is looking for bigger targets in an attempt to hurt more people.

Thousands of planes take off, commute, and land every day with no report. Occasionally one goes down in flames. When that happens, it is a story. Keep your plane taking off and landing.

What a day. Studio, Lunch, hanging with some cool people…but then it happened. I had to get in the car. UGH! i hate driving in Houston. We are in the studio creating a dope worship album with Israel and Tommy. It is gonna be hot. We got lost, we ran out of gas, we got stuck in traffic…UGH! You gotta be kidding. Sorry. More blog love in a little bit, Israel is heading in to cut a vocal.

We have been hanging out with the Hillsong team for the past couple of days. I love that they put such an emphasis on creativity. If you have never seen United live, you are missing out. It rivals any show I have seen. 40-50 foot light wall with 3 video screens…amazing video shorts, and the music, well that speaks for itself. So many creatives are misunderstood. You have to create the right culture for the creative to thrive, and Hillsong has done a good job creating such a culture.

In order for worship, business, life, or anything to move to the next thing, we have to move past the current thing, or the thing that has always worked. Sometimes stretching like that freaks us out, but to be innovative, you have to be willing to blow some stuff up and fail sometimes.

Here is a small piece of interaction between the sermon and an amazing song: “How He Loves Us” from last nights sermon. Props to Jay for the video feed.

Here is a faux mac commercial that is killer about creativity.

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