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Game recognizes game, or so I have heard.

Carlos is the blog master fresh! He rules all the social networks.

Israel is the worship master fresh! He rules the stage when leading worship.

Friday @ 5 est on RAGAMUFFINSOUL.COM you can peep the new Israel video for Just Wanna Say…

Im Just saying.


Tonight in the ATL a pastor who is crazy is going to start a revival week on a campus for 3 of the most influential HBU’s in our country. I love that he is crazy enough to ask for what some people think would be impossible. I love even more that we were able to help. I will share some video after the event tonight. If you don’t know, THIS CHURCH IS DOPE. Tonight they are going to challenge these students to be THE ONE. THE ONE who can change the world just by changing something in THIER OWN WORLDS.

I have never met Shaun in person, only via blog, twitter, and email. I had not met Traci till she arrived at the Roxy to shoot the video. All this came together because of creativity, technology, and a willingness to do whatever it takes to reach a generation. I can not wait to share the video with you when Shaun sends it to me.


So last week was a very productive trip out to LA to create a new video. JAY was in heaven when we got over the the Mary Mary shoot and ran into this wanna be (j/k), Kanye, who was doing a cameo, along with Israel, in the video. The best in music and the best in gospel consuming the same space…


The next day, Israel was on his own set creating a video for “Just Wanna Say”. It will be fresh.



freak show of a day. still working @ 9 p.m. no time to blog but had to share this moment Hope and I had tonight. Trying to get everything right for some meetings we have about Israel and his new album this week. In a fun twist of events, I found out tonight that Worship Kitchen is the number 3 twitter in Mobile, and I am the number 10 twitter in Mobile, according to TWITTERGRADER

Just got back from Houston, it was an amazing experience. We went to create a unique worship experience, and thankfully, we succeeded.

The new Israel record is over the top good. I mean, when you hear this album, you will be amazed. Since it is so sonically amazing, we felt that we needed to create a more user-friendly version that would eliminate the challenge for worship leaders around the world.

We jammed 30 worshippers into the studio, put up some lights, and Israel and 3 musicians played an 80 minute worship set that was powerful. We are creating resources from this piece and can not wait to share them with you. It was an amazing time.

Now, maybe a little Christmas vacation time.

Cool to see @Israel getting some USAToday love.

Big Single News next week.


So lets take all the biggest writers and artists in Christian music, send them to a studio to hang out for a couple of weeks, make a record and give the proceeds to the poor. 

Seems impossible right? Well it happened. 


Michael W. Smith, Toby Mac, Israel, Joel Houston, Steven Curtis Chapman, Paul Baloche, Tim Hughes, Matt Redman, Chris Tomlin, Martin Smith, Stu G, Darlene…and the list goes on.

Mastering is the frosting on a record. It makes everything shine. Jay is in NYC today with Israel and Aaron frosting “The Power of One.” Want to see? (Everywhere I Go is the first song. Just Want To Say is the second)

The concept is simple. If we all do something, the power of one will change the world. The album that goes with that theory is crazy. Here is an industry ad we are running. Get ready, this will be next level.


Here is a clip from the lab. Making history. Tommy Sims (if you dont know who he is, click the link), Aaron Lindsay, and ISRAEL. 1 song a day, beginning to end. “….Your Not Mad @ Me, Your Not Mad @ Me, You Are Madly In Love With Me.” Jay makes the studio go down, he pushes. Enjoy.

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