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What a week! For those who don’t know, and I apologize in advance if this is how you are finding out, Jackie and I will be loading up the kids and all our stuff and moving to Mobile, AL. We have accepted a job @ Integrity music where I will be directing a wonderful marketing department. So this entire week has been spent in Mobile looking for a place to live, schools, trying to meet some people, getting set in and trying to get ready for this life shift that will take place in three weeks. If you have questions call or email me, its all good. 

I did want to leave you with this for today…as I was sitting in chapel on Wednesday morning, the speaker was discussing the need to  be always moving forward as people, organizations and movements. The biggest mistake that can keep us from moving forward is becoming so attached to our methods that we substitute our methods for our practices. Let me explain. Practices are the core of why we do what we do. Methods are the vehicles by which we achieve results. As life moves it is important to make sure that as a person, leader, group, organization, or movement, you are moving forward and influencing new people. As we move forward in life, we have to always hold on to our DNA, our convictions, values, history, and experiences. However, those are part of our practices. What we can not become married to is our methods. Methods should always be changing. How we do what we do needs to continually morph and grow and challenge, and expand. We become comfortable with our methods in success and thus lose the desire or start to think we do not need to continue to look for the next wave of how to do what we do really well. This theory applies across the board, however, churches deal with it the most. Often times methods become traditions or sacred cows.

What methods are you using that stopped working a yesterday, a week ago, a month ago or longer? 12-27 year olds, the “millennial” generation, are the largest population in history. If you want to succeed long term, and leave something that lasts, we had better start asking ourselves how to meet the needs of THAT generation. Enjoy today, celebrate yesterday, change for tomorrow.

What is that one thing that you think about all the time? What is the one thing that you would do if you could do anything in the world? So why not do it? Think about what life would be like if you could wake up every morning and do that one thing you love and get paid for doing it, amazing. If you are not doing that 1 thing…why? You have been created with a desire to achieve the things in you heart. Circumstances come and go, but in the big picture of life, you have to be able to look yourself in the mirror and answer the question: “Have I Accomplished All I Have Been Created To Accomplish”? God gives us these passions and nothing is out of bounds. You wanna be a rock star…cool. Are you 45 and wish you had become a teacher, go back to school at night. We have to start making decisions to accomplish the vision for our lives, not manage the messes we face. You have a purpose, you have a destiny, you have been created to live a full life. What is your passion? Now start doing it!

Happy Thanksgiving readers. Enjoy the day. Eat a lot. Embrace family…. I love that song on the iPod Touch commercial and have been working hard to find out who it is…kids say hi to CSS. Rocking out from Brazil, they are an awesome dance, rock explosion. You may feel the 80’s when you hear the synth. Im totally loving them. If you dig cool new music, you will enjoy them. The song that has brought them all the attention, Music Is My Hot, has a very campy video you can watch below. Enjoy the jams this thanksgiving kids. So who is the music director at Apple, cuz she/he rocks.

It has been a minute since I introduced you my blog friends to any new music. Today I would like to introduce you to a VERY unique and cool worship band…Worth Dying For. Check out their site and music. Die To Live is a GREAT song. This recording is not the best but the other recording I heard ROCKED! This is a rock band that worships…amazingly. ENJOY it kids. A new album will hit the stores in 2008 so enjoy the ep and the myspace. 

Im not sure what all this means, but I know that it is true and I am wrestling with it right now…

God will never sacrifice his kingdom for our kingdom. What are you building? Are you building around and for you or around and for Him? Sinner or saint, if you are building your own kingdom  it will fail. 

I can not believe that it is Thanksgiving already. I feel like Easter was yesterday. I am off this week, doing some things around the house to get it ready to be sold (it is on the market so if you know anyone who wants to buy a great house in Port Orange FL for a great price holla). I had a meeting about my business, (which is also for sale), and then just helped Jack around the house and played with the kids. I love days like this. This has been a rough year. I have gone through some things that I am sure are going to help shape my future, but at the same time, stuff I NEVER EVER want to deal with again or would ever wish on anyone else. I really believe that the crap we walk though in life can help us or kill us depending on how we respond. I hear a lot of people saying that 2007 sucked. While it will not go down as the best year of our lives, we can not hate the process. God uses stuff we go through to form us, to mold us, and to help us become better. I am thankful that God has stripped me this year. I am thankful that financially this has been a rough year, it has taught me so much about money. I am thankful for the fact at times I feel God is not even in the same universe as me, it makes me chase him harder. I am glad jackie and i have gone through some crap, it has brought us closer together. I am also glad that 2007 is almost over and that 2008 provides a lot of great new adventures for our lives. So this week, embrace time with your family. Eat the H out of some turkey. Love hard. Embrace the bad and let it build for your future. In life we are never promised that it will be easy, but we are promised that the season will eventually change. Here is to the lessons we have learned, will learn, and the promise of tomorrow. 

Pressure is a funny thing. It has been said, that when pressure is present, peoples TRUE character comes forth. I have experienced this over the course of the past few weeks, but that is a TOTALLY different blog for another time. How are you responding when life gets tight? Do you allow yourself to get mad, upset, distant? A friend of mine went through a very rough time a little while back. Everyone left him high and dry. I have a new empathy for him. Lonely is a hard place, it tests who is really for you. More to come on all this as the thoughts develop in my head. In closing, I will blog again later today about the book. I have left myspace like road kill on a cold morning, Facebook is my new social network. If you want to hit me up on facebook click HERE! We can be friends. TTYL.  

Lets be honest, there are 2 types of guys in the world. Those who have been honest about the fact they struggle or have struggled with lust and those who lie about it. Sorry playa’s, Im outing you. It is natural. To live in the fullness of life  you have to confront whatever your issues are, face them, and then move forward. It really can be that easy. But in being that easy, understand it is going to be extremely hard. This is one of the best weapons that the devil uses to discount and discredit men in life, relationships, and in our own minds.

Back into full blog swing and just finished Chapter 5 of “Going All The Way“. Here are my notes below.

  •  At times everyone falls victim to being weak, vulnerable, gullible or just the rebellion of lust. 
  • Sex without consequence does not exist. What is going to be the consequence of your action? And if you are married, usually the consequence is positive. 
  • Culture has created a world where the dehumanization of people allows for people to feel the ability to have sex without intimacy. 
  • To succeed in being faithful one must first learn to be faithful in their relationship with GOD. Faithfulness in this relationship builds the foundation for faithfulness in your marriage or dating relationships. 
  • God forgives, so if you have made a mistake, pick up and start over. 
  • If you want to have what few people do have in life, that it is going to require you to do what few people are willing to do to succeed. Your measuring stick is not others….
  • It is paramount that you protect your wounds while God heals you. However, you can not conform your mind back to God’s standards, only He can. 

I believe that over the course of time I have lost the revelation of the true power of prayer. Prayer is one of the most important facets of our relationship with God. He cares so much about us and wants the best for our lives, but he also desires communication with us on a level that I just am not sure how many people really strive to achieve. I have failed in this area so much, and I am now working to get balance in this area. God is a God of order. He REALLY cares about order. He wants order in our lives. Order is really the premise of why we should protect our relationships pre and post marriage. 

This is the coolest use of a treadmill since OKGO!   I have been spotty on the blogs but I am back. Long weekend and fighting something. I will post again later tonight. Don’t leave me.

What are you running for?

Whew…it is over. I had a great weekend but did it ever kick my butt! Friday I hung out in Orlando and got a chance to meet the Hillsong United team as well as various members of the Integrity staff and marketing team. Let me tell you right now, if you have never experienced a United event, you are missing out on life. Imagine if Coldplay or U2 had a clear cut defined purpose and that was to worship God. The energy, anointing, and atmosphere was something that in all my years of being “churched” and in ministry settings I can say I have never experienced. It was amazing. I will post some camera phone shots when I get a chance.  Saturday I had a few meetings and hung out at the venue with some cool people. It was awesome to experience the DNA of another church who basically decided to come to America and share what they do every week with 8000 of their “friends”. Saturday night was a full United “service”. To say it was a show would undermine the integrity of what it is that Hillsong does. I bounced around between video, green room, and the stage. The anointing was something I had never experienced. To look out and see 5000 people worshipping with abandon. To see the band start a song then just back away and allow for thousands to chase God….amazing. Saturday night finished with a special VIP party in the John Lennon Room @ Hard Rock Cafe. The balcony overlooked CityWalk and it was a good time. With about 25 people ranging from band members to label peeps, to even a few other artists, Integrity presented United with plaques in honor of some very impressive sales. Sunday was an awesome day at Busch Gardens with the fam. I drove to Tampa late late late Saturday night. This morning I woke up, got the crew together and went and hung out with my brother and his family. Great times. I will be back on the book and blogging on that tomorrow. the loss of myspace has been suicide to my blog numbers, but hang on kids. there are lots of changes taking place in my life and I will have more to report soon. Breathe easy….

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