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It is fun to watch people who know what they are doing. Like when a band rocks a stage because they are so confident in their song, or a speaker delivers a talk with conviction because he knows that the hope he is sharing is real.

People are scared right now. They are on a DESPERATE search for something to believe in. People want to BELIEVE. I really think God is setting up His church to be a place where people come to be empowered, encouraged, and INSPIRED. Today I found this little site online that put some perspective around the year that is 2009. Check it out.



Where are you finding your inspiration? How are you framing life right now? Are you spreading hope? Inspiration breads production. Being reactive all the time breeds fear. We have the most powerful creative force in the universe on our side, we should not be reacting right now, but pioneering.

Listened to Elizabeth Gilbert’s talk from the TED conference today. It was very entertaining and a good look at the mind of the creative. Invest the 19 minutes.


Excellence happens when you take a LASER FOCUS approach to items and issues. When you are laser focused, nothing else distracts your attention. You do not have to be amazing at everything, the fact of the matter is, very few people can be amazing at everything. If your a very creative person, you might not be the best organizer. If you are a great organizer, chances are your creativity is going to be lacking. Not always, but usually.  But you can be amazing at YOUR thing. What is the thing you do so well that you can focus laser like skills on it and make your mark? 

Now sometimes circumstances do not allow you to be laser focused, so do your best to keep your laser focus and allow your team to help complete the other items. Do your best, be your best. Don’t follow, lead and be the best in your area of leadership.

When was the last time you remember seeing an ad on TV for a dry cleaner? Do you think people in your community could recall when they last saw an ad for a church? What about banks, those spots could not possibly be more forgettable. Enter creativity. Do something in your spot that sets you apart. What is your unique thing. What is the one thing that makes your church, product, event, or thing different than everyone else? SHOWCASE WHAT MAKES YOU UNIQUE. 

Busy times force you to FOCUS on the things that matter. Business makes you lose focus. Don’t allow the “to-do” list erase your focus or perspective. For me, I have to find time to focus and be creative.

Dreams are the birthplace of creativity.

I have a lot of things I dream about. Some I have shared with people some have only bounced around my head and on the rare page. Dreams of ideas, concepts, plans, companies, whatever, just stuff that develops.

I am scattered by nature. I have to write stuff down or I lose it forever. This is my current dream journal (till i lose it). My wish lists. Ideas. To do lists. My what if world. How do you document the things God is trying to birth in you?



No need to duplicate.
No need to mimic.
Be the best, most creative you.

So the folks at Microsoft are doing any and everything in their power to stop the momentum of Apple. Pretty interesting. Round one of the ad campaign involved really odd commercials with Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld. The results came back SO poor, that the ads have been pulled. Now this: Instead of coming up with a new concept, take the MAC concept and twist it on them. 2 problems:

1. They used a MAC to make the ad. If you are going to make something that proves your product is superior to your opponent, DONT USE YOUR OPPONENTS PRODUCT TO DO SO, thus proving your product can not achieve the same goal!
2. It is not believable.

When you are doing something, anything, do it to the best of your ability. EVERYONE has a creative edge in them someplace. Some choose to embrace it, others choose to repress it…Millions of dollars for these ads, could they not do better? Thoughts?

Today has been a GR8 family day. Woke up this morning, did my 2nd least favorite thing in the world, YARD WORK, but knew the kids were going to have fun. We visited a friend with a pool today. Let me tell you, my kids are fish. I have been looking to catch a creative rhythm and knew the pool would be the place to work out the camera and maybe catch a few digital memories. After that, a little Chic Fil A nugget love, and now I am settling in and praying for God to perform a miracle for my Hurricanes. Go enjoy the people you care about today, it makes is SO worth breathing.

Creativity is a funny thing. You may not know where it comes from, you surly do not know where it will take you, and it may strike you at the most odd times. Creativity is looking at the same thing everyone else sees, but seeing something no one else sees. Creativity is maximizing your space, time, and opportunity, and usually by not forcing or OVER doing things. Creativity costs nothing but is worth more than the price that ends up attached to it…Here are some examples to help you stretch how you are thinking…from bands, to church, from business to non-profit, YOU NEED CREATIVITY!

Using page numbers to tell stats. maximizing the space, not adding any cost, and educating at the same time.



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