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Several of you have been doing this song @ your local church. Here is Lincoln doing it @ Baysides ARCO event. Enjoy.


So as you know, I have been talking about Lincoln Brewsters AMAZING record on my blog for MONTHS. For all of you who jumped in and blogged, chatted, and bought the record…THANK YOU! Today Lincoln debuted at number 2 on the overall christian album charts, 56 on the billboard hot 200 (overall albums) and is holding steady @ number 2 on itunes Christian albums. If you have not bought the album yet, run over to itunes and scoop it up, you will not be disappointed. Thanks again.

Lincoln Brewster - Today Is the Day

Album is currently #1 on the Christian albums chart! Overall number 23 and climbing.

Buy yours here: Lincoln Brewster - Today Is the Day

So much I could blog tonight. I have had one of those days where you just go all out all day. Man, it has been crazy. Tomorrow is the street date for Today Is The Day by Lincoln Brewster. I am excited to see what ends up happening with Lincoln via this project. We received a review today and the review started off by saying: “Lincoln Brewster is the king or modern rock worship.” Very nice to hear, and a compliment for sure, but it was Lincolns response that I enjoyed the most: “If you keep your head in the execution and out of the results, you wont have to worry.”

You can have the best ideas. The most creative plans. The most innovative concepts without execution, you don’t really have anything. Execution is the key. Doing what you do, your own part, making the most of your section so that the overall group wins, that is the key. Take ownership in your part. Be the best at whatever you put your hands too!

Here is a link to the review. It is very kind.

I will come back and post the link to the iTunes store when it is live.

That is what my mind is like today. Take a little of this, throw in a little of that, mix it all up and you have: ME TODAY. Great for the creative side of me, probably a little frustrating for my staff. So what are the ingredients of todays special mix?

  • Psalms 7 “God, I am running to you for dear life; the chase is wild.” THE CHASE IS WILD. RUN FOR YOUR LIFE, the reward is so amazing. Also: “Close the book on evil, but publish your mandate for us. You get us ready for life; you probe for our soft spots, you knock off our rough edges. I’m feeling so fit, so safe; made right, kept right.” 
  • Chris Tomlins new record is out. It is good. Hello Love…Great Concept! 
  • Jackie can hardly move. Can we really make it 9 more weeks? 
  • Why does creativity come in the 11th hour?
  • I missed blogging real blogs.
  • Its time to connect with some of the people I admire, its been to long. 
  • We are working on some great stuff for 09 and I can not wait to share the love.
  • I dig the ad below. I think it rocks. Lincoln is the cover boy, we bought the back page and wrapped the magazine. 9/23 baby.
  • What are you cooking up?

We are so excited about Lincoln Brewster and his new record: Today Is The Day.

I love that churches are already starting to sing this song. The record is a rocking, encouraging, and church crafted album, which makes sense since Lincoln is the Creative Pastor at Bayside church. Enjoy this short introduction via EPK to Lincoln Brewster.

Lincoln Brewster has created an amazing record. Today Is The Day is FLYING up the charts. It has been the most added song at AC christian radio each week for the past 3 weeks. I love it when there is time created to build the story, move people, and get momentum headed in the right direction. Our goal is to have a top 5 single before the album hits stores. Here is a little sneak peak of our next single, God You Reign. I think this could end up being a career song for Lincoln. This will be a song churches sing all over the world in their times of worship.

So I posted back in May about Lincolns new single: Today Is The Day. This is a song about hope. Well, now you can buy it on iTunes. Single is live today. We have had a great 2 week run up to radio so far. We will be the most added song @ AC radio this week. I will post a link today (as soon as itunes has it updated). But if you go to iTunes, click Christian & Gospel, you can not miss it…ENJOY. (ps i can not get the pic to work cuz this hotel is ghetto fab)

This is the new single from LINCOLN BREWSTER! Looks like the KLOVE network has gotten on the song early as it does not officially go for adds for another 12 days. This is a great worship song. I know churches all over the country are already starting to sing this song…Hope you enjoy the cover and the song!


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