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I grew up in Haiti. Found this blog today. I encourage you to help with the cause.

it is a sleepy saturday. working on a little design thing for my dad, and started playing with a new layout for the blog. What do you think? Be honest. I can change it anytime. 🙂 


You do not always have to worry about what is “next”. “Next” will take care of itself if you focus on what is “now”. 

Keep dreaming, planning, be wise, but more importantly, be a good steward of what God has given you in the “NOW” and you will be amazed how much better your “NEXT” will become. 

Just what was on my mind.

I committed to a blog free Thursday, so welcome to my Thanksgiving post.

I am massively thankful for (in no order):

  • A growing relationship with God
  • Jackie & kids
  • My family. All of you.
  • Provision, a great gig, and people who want to make something happen
  • Friends that ride or die. 
  • New relationship/friends. 
  • Music
  • Creativity.
  • TRUE Grace, Hope, and Love
  • Tomorrow
  • Today
  • Yesterday (even when it sucks)
  • You, for caring enough to read this.


Kari Jobe’s new single is live on iTunes right now! Go pick it up. This song is special.

Kari Jobe - I'm Singing - Single

“Patient persistence pierces through indifference;…” Proverbs 25:15

To often we get stuck in a place of indifference. Passion can not live on the same block as indifference. Break the indifference with patient persistence.

I was reading an article today by a leading economist. He had published an essay about how America has the best economy in the world. Thing is, he wrote this article prior to current economic downturn. So when asked questions he held true to what he wrote earlier and applied his faith to one thing, innovation.

Innovation out weighs panic. Innovation can create the answer for your problem. Innovation is the new way to do an old thing, with a different result. When you add faith, God, anointing, to innovation, the sky is the limit.

So what are you doing to be innovative today?

This is not the cover, but it is a close representation of what we plan to do…what do you think?


Here is a little message from Israel teasing the new album:

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