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A had a full weekend. Very little sleep and a lot of work, but I love when you work hard and it pays off and you can see people change. This weekend created a lot of blog material for me, so I am going to time release the information so nothing gets lost in translation.

“It” is a funny thing. I am not referring to the ‘It’ that Craig wrote about, but that plays a part in what “it” is. “It” is that feeling when the air thickens in a service, when you feel that there is something else taking place, when the music becomes an experience, when ministry replaces performance, when worship takes over and peoples lives go from entertainment to encounter. “It” allows people the opportunity to leave different than they arrived. “It” only requires your sensitivity and acceptance, not your perfection or your performance. “It” changes how you see things. On Saturday night, “it” happened in Nashville TN.

We hosted the Gotta Have Gospel Jam, and over 1500 people came and experienced “it”. I am not going to go in to all the details, but “it” crosses color lines, denominational lines, style lines. “It” can be experienced in the progressive church (like CrossPoint on Sunday morning, more on that in my next post) or the 3 hour marathon pentecostal show. “It” can be confused and fabricated at times, if the show is good enough. The filter for if the “it” is real, is if “it” happens without manipulation.

“It” is annointing, or presence, or God just showing up. I don’t know how your church defines “it”, and really it does not matter, but “it” is when God shows up and touches peoples lives. Embrace the “it” moments and let them change your life.

issues with my phone. Blogs coming today.

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