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This is the new single from LINCOLN BREWSTER! Looks like the KLOVE network has gotten on the song early as it does not officially go for adds for another 12 days. This is a great worship song. I know churches all over the country are already starting to sing this song…Hope you enjoy the cover and the song!


“The more I love God and follow Christ, the more I want to love other people like God accepted and loved me. God has changed me, but I don’t place that same expectation on other people. I allow God to be God in people’s lives…. “Christians aren’t God. Religious people aren’t God. God loves you, just where you’re at… just the way you are, no matter what you’ve done. God loves you whether you love him or not and there’s nothing you can do about it. As far as the negative and judgmental stuff goes, realize that Jesus has a crappy fan club. Just don’t give up!” – Jay Bakker…This is his church. He is pretty radical. Not endorsing him, not even saying I agree with him, but i think creating tension can cause us to think about things from a different point of view than are norm.

imagine how lame life would be if we could not imagine things? It is sad that so often we lose track of our imagination as we get older? We should cultivate our imagination. Develop it, work it, embrace it…imagination helps us dream. Imagination is the incubator for creativity. Imagination births hope, ideas, the new…if our thoughts, on the best day, are the floor of Gods plans for our lives, imagine what we can imagine!

Not the TV show, the song. AMAZING. I was walking through the airport with it on the pink ipod that belongs to my hottie wife and started to tear up. What a powerful song. Any church or ministry trying to be culturally relevant, get on this song now, before the album impacts. Lost could be a GREAT experience for your members. Pre-Buy the album now @ iTunes. Enjoy.


Say NO to acronyms. I was at a great church a few weeks back and every ministry had acronyms to describe each ministry. I am talking about a a BIG church. Its not creative. Its not cool. DONT DO IT!
enough said.

a – annoying
c – corny
r – retarded
o – old school
n – not cool
y – exactly…y
m – mmmmmm…even this is lame
s – STOP!

CHECK OUT JAYS BLOG for an update and peek into the studio. Don Moen is creating his new album! 

Reading INC today and came across an article about how the creative forces in culture stay creative. Here is the list:

  • Get Multicultural
  • Provide Lots Of Free Time To Think
  • Encourage Risky Behavior
  • Hire Smart
  • Write It Down
  • Bring In Outsiders
  • Do What You Do For Free
  • Be Flexible, VERY flexible
  • Mix Up Your People
LOVE THIS LIST! if you are trying to create a culture of creativity in your organization a few of these ideas could revolutionize your world. You have to know you are in the box, before you can ever get out of the box. Also, no one is ever as cool as they think they are, so be willing to accept outside ideas. Marry the BEST idea, not YOUR idea. 

I am so blessed to be at a company that cares so much for the purpose of what we do that weekly we meet and have chapel. Here are a few notes from todays session:

  • We faint only if we are not praying
  • Twice in 1 Kings God said something would happen, then waited while Elijah prayed before the spoken manifested.
  • You can shape history through your prayer. (Battle of the bulge look it up!)
  • “God will be relentless to be sure you trust him”
  • Christian life is a symphony not a solo.

What are you praying for today that is only 1 more prayer away? God tells us to knock and to ask…what are you asking for that you have not seen happen yet? Don’t give up, its a timing thing…

Came across Aaron Iveys blog yesterday and have not had time until right now to post about this guy. Go read his stuff. He and his wife are adopting from Haiti, but the orphanage is in big trouble. You can go HERE to give to the cause. Jackie and I are giving. Having grown up in Haiti, I know the poverty, the conditions, the life…I pray for these people, and for the orphanage.

The other night Isaiah had to go to the emergency room. Emergency rooms suck! As I sat there I thought to myself how this is a PERFECT place for a church to reach the needy and hurting in their community. Women crying. Kids crying. Panic. Fear. What a perfect place for hope, prayer, mercy, and grace. What if your church went to the hospital and offered to have people come up and just comfort people. Not make it weird. Don’t start casting out demons in the lobby, just let people experience love in a very cold and love-less place. Just a thought.

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