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Tis the season to be giving….I was reading a great blog today that made me realize some things. So often in life we want to be RIGHT. Maybe being RIGHT is not always, well, RIGHT. Maybe sometimes we are wrong and we need to learn how to embrace these times, get corrected, and move forward. 

Jackie and I have been talking about some things and I have not handled some situations the way I would normally do so, because of my own bias and desire to be right. Just being honest. I have had to accept that it is ME that is wrong, and me being wrong is not going to make me right. I have to own situations, regardless.

In life, spiritual and physical, we look at things through our own gift mix. We look at things through the lens of our own perception, our own selfishness, our own opinion. But God is a God of truth. I believe you can find God’s truth in pretty much anything, but the one place you wont find God’s truth is in the wrong.

this christmas has been one of our best and yet one of our hardest. with our move looming, it is a reminder things will be different from now on during the holidays.   

every christmas eve we spend with Jackies family. Swedish/American meal, all the family, santa shows up and drops a moving truck worth or presents and then shock and awe takes place as all the kids start to open boxes. it is a fun time

christmas morning got the jump @ 6:15. Isaiah could be heard for miles saying, “Santa Came!” We let the kids open up all their stuff and then we get them playing and Jackie and I share our gifts with each other. This year we got in the car and went to my folks house. My dad has a tradition of making a big breakfast for everyone. as kids i remember him working it out in the kitchen. my brother has continued this tradition, and I think next year I will be at my pops again getting to enjoy his version. We had christmas lunch and presents at my parents house in the afternoon. this was an awesome time. very emotional and very fun to make memories with the people we love the most. this year it was so warm in fl we even got in a little swimming.

jackie and i are so blessed. We have great families that we love and love us, we have each other and 2 wonderful kids! life is good. we are about to embark on a big adventure and we have already felt the amazing stress of this journey, but we know it is Gods plan and will for our lives. Here we go, come with us through this blog, we will share all the fun that we are about to embrace!

Hope you have a Merry Christmas. Thanks for taking the time to read this little blog. 

We are going to lease/rent our house, so if you know anyone who is looking for a nice house in Port Orange: 3/2, 1900 sqft, very affordable, hit me up. 

Enjoy kids…Kat Williams, Ice Cube (sold out), Tracy Morgan…  

Relationships are a funny thing. The rules for relationships seem to be very muddy. What some consider the code of conduct others consider rude. It is interesting how unique and difficult these roads can become for people. The easy answer is to “live above relationships” which means you isolate yourself and the ones you love from anything deep or meaningful. Rather than sharing and caring you coexist. Relationships always bread hurt and dissapointment, but the really good ones strive in those times and grow into life long treasures. If you want to enjoy the best of relationships, dig in, go deep, embrace the pain, and let yourself slip into deep levels of caring…you WILL get hurt, but you will also end up with some GREAT people who you know you can trust and share life with…in time. 

My first real job in the music business was as a temporary employee at Word Distribution. Word was going through a very rough time and needed help answering phones. My first job was answering the phone when someone had been on hold for 90 plus minutes and asking them if I could have their name and number so we could return the call. Very sexy I know. There is a ton of blogs about leadership and solutions that could come out of that adventure but we will save those for another day. During my 15 months at Word I got a chance to meet a lot of good and interesting people. When the news broke about me returning to the music business, several of these people contacted me to congratulate me and tell me they missed me. When I was a temp there was a VP named Dean who was really good at his job. I was just a temp, I had no clue he even really would ever remember me. The day the email went out Dean tracked me down and told me how excited he was that we would work on the same team now…he is our man at Provident and we will be working VERY closely together. Dean gets relationships. The little temp guy was now the director of marketing and the guy he could have easily forgotten he remembered and not only remembered but reached out to on that day. Very cool.

Relationships always come back around, that is why you should be careful how you leave them. I am struggling with this right now as we speak. I have some relationships that are driving me crazy. When you lose “things in common” with people or change teams, it becomes easy to be sidestepped, devalued, or seemingly forgotten. It is also easy to do this to people. Do your best to maintain relationships, because they always come back around. One day the people you and I have pushed aside may just become the people who can help you, promote you, make you better, or at the worst, encourage you in the next chapter of your life.  

Treat people the way you would want to be treated, even if it hurts. 

New to me CRS song, “Us Placers”, was on kanyes mix tape released this past summer. I missed it, but thanks to blogs…I can maybe expose it so some of you for the first time. Very cool video with kid versions of the rap super group made up of Kanye, Lupe, and Pharrell. Hope you enjoy this as much as I did… 

WOW. So many emotions today. I am finishing out the month at Calvary, but this is my last official day in the office. Also, the last day of school for my kiddos, last day of official calvary marketing stuff…just have to finish out the month with services. 

Calvary has always held a special place in my heart. It is where I “grew up”. It is where my kids know church to be. It is a place that I have made some great friends, that I hope to know later in life. It is a place of great pleasure and great pain. It is a place of amazing wins and terrible defeats for me. I am excited about the next chapter of life. REALLY excited. However, this is a rough “last day”. There are wounds, hurts, etc. Some people who used to be close are now SO distant. I feel that it could have ended very different, but for some reason (partially my own) this is how it winds up.

Firsts are always more exciting than lasts. First shoulder promise, last shoulder memories. Firsts are about anticipation and potential. Lasts are more about history, conclusions, and periods. To my “friends” it has been fun. I hope you still remember the good times. As for my new crew in Mobile…here we go. Lets make some history.

I have so much more to say, but right now I just can not do it…it is not time. I will have more on this later…stay tuned the adventure is just starting.

Think about how massive a stretch it would be for you to believe your teenage daughter was going to be a mother and that the child she was giving birth to was the savior of the universe. Not only that, but also, that she was still a virgin. Okay, so that is the background. This story is a unique story. Your story is also very unique. The amazing thing about both your story and the story of Mary is the fact that normal people can embrace abnormal situations and produce amazing results. What is your story? How unique is your story? Or maybe the unique thing about your story is how normal it is and how great your situation is right now…either way, what are you doing with what you got?

Rascal Flats have taken the cheese band shot and added something even more cheesy to it…us! This is a great idea. Fans will love it and will add the picture all over the net. Click Here to see what I am talking about and to get your picture taken with Rascal Flats. 

Check out Randal and his new blog. (be)tter blog

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