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Jay and I had a great conversation with Pastor Glen today about the difference between integrity and anointing. PG dropped it on Jay and I in the car today. Anointing has NOTHING to do with how you live. Anointing rises and falls based on God. Integrity is how you live the rest of your life when the anointing is not “on you”. I am not sure what all of this means, but I can tell you that Pastor Glen was really bringing it in the car. I think a lot of times people confuse gift with anointing. You could be anointed to be creative, to be a mechanic, to preach, to wash cars, to make records, whatever, but you do not “live the anointing”. You may minister under it for an hour, but what do you do with the other 23 hours? That is what makes or breaks someone. PG also said because the devil is not able to know the future, he picks and chooses his battles. It is rare you hear of a small church pastor “falling” (which really they do not fall, the just make a mistake, then have to collect, but that is another blog), because the devil is looking for bigger targets in an attempt to hurt more people.

Thousands of planes take off, commute, and land every day with no report. Occasionally one goes down in flames. When that happens, it is a story. Keep your plane taking off and landing.

If I have not told you how amazing it is to work at Integrity Music lately, let me take the time to do so now. AMAZING.

I love that every Wednesday morning we have chapel and the owner of our company shares his heart with the staff. Today was so timely and so powerful. First, Carlos led worship for us. Can’t wait to tell you more about that later. Mike began talking about the power of forgiveness. Here are a few notes that I hope will rock your world the same way they rocked mine:

  • There is a terrible downward cycle that follows this order: Expectations that we have about someone or some thing are not met (either your mistreated or you have been wronged) which creates the opportunity to forgive or not to forgive. If we do not forgive, Hurt and Disappointment set in. The state of not forgiving someone then leads to offense. After we are offended, our love grows cold. Once love has grown cold, we move to a state of betrayal, and this is where we break relationship.
  • The watershed moment is not when our expectations are dashed, that WILL happen, it is how we respond and if we choose to forgive. 
  • If we choose to forgive a new cycle starts: Forgiveness and forgiving others leads to Gods power being revealed. When Gods power is revealed, Mercy is released. Mercy always triumphs over judgement. After Gods power is released, we can then move into the Destiny and Purpose God has for that situation. 
  • Love covers transgressions 
  • when you forgive, you have to let whatever “it” is go.
  • You know if you have forgiven by if you still bring “it” up. 
  • The enemy WILL attempt to coax us to re-engage with what we have let go
  • Luke 17 – They asked for more faith, so they could forgive
  • If you do not forgive, YOU can not be set free. Even if you did not do anything in the first place. 
  • When you think of the person that did not meet your expectations, what do you think about? If you think about the letters you wish you would have wrote or the conversation you wish you would have had to set them straight, you have not forgiven. 
  • If you are dwelling on “it” still, you have not forgiven. 
  • You will never achieve your calling until you deal with forgiveness. 
  • Gods promotion comes when he knows you can forgive. 
Again, I freaking love Integrity. 

WE DIDNT EVEN KNOW! First, last nights Idol performance of Shout To The Lord was the number 1 Christian single download. Blogs a buzzin, religious people freaked out that Jesus was a Shepherd, millions of people experiencing the song…all good!

Tonight, being the idol freak i am, I was tuned in at 6:55 my time to make sure not to miss 1 minute of Seacrests Greatness….roll the recap…and now singing Shout To The Lord, again, your top 8 (soon to be 7 and it SUCKS that MJ is gone!). On top of the “Jesus Version” my current fav song, NO AIR rocked the spot. Enjoy the times kids….

Whew…it is over. I had a great weekend but did it ever kick my butt! Friday I hung out in Orlando and got a chance to meet the Hillsong United team as well as various members of the Integrity staff and marketing team. Let me tell you right now, if you have never experienced a United event, you are missing out on life. Imagine if Coldplay or U2 had a clear cut defined purpose and that was to worship God. The energy, anointing, and atmosphere was something that in all my years of being “churched” and in ministry settings I can say I have never experienced. It was amazing. I will post some camera phone shots when I get a chance.  Saturday I had a few meetings and hung out at the venue with some cool people. It was awesome to experience the DNA of another church who basically decided to come to America and share what they do every week with 8000 of their “friends”. Saturday night was a full United “service”. To say it was a show would undermine the integrity of what it is that Hillsong does. I bounced around between video, green room, and the stage. The anointing was something I had never experienced. To look out and see 5000 people worshipping with abandon. To see the band start a song then just back away and allow for thousands to chase God….amazing. Saturday night finished with a special VIP party in the John Lennon Room @ Hard Rock Cafe. The balcony overlooked CityWalk and it was a good time. With about 25 people ranging from band members to label peeps, to even a few other artists, Integrity presented United with plaques in honor of some very impressive sales. Sunday was an awesome day at Busch Gardens with the fam. I drove to Tampa late late late Saturday night. This morning I woke up, got the crew together and went and hung out with my brother and his family. Great times. I will be back on the book and blogging on that tomorrow. the loss of myspace has been suicide to my blog numbers, but hang on kids. there are lots of changes taking place in my life and I will have more to report soon. Breathe easy….

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