If you have not checked out the latest issue of INC magazine and the great article with Jim Collins, you better hope on that thing…its fire.

When asked why he was optimistic about the future in such a questionable time:
“A lot of it has to do with the young generation. A general at West Point told me, ‘This is the most inspired and inspiring generation to come through West Point since 1945.’ I see the same thing with the young people who come to work for me. They have a sense of responsibility and service and a lack of cynicism that is remarkable and wonderful. It’s an ethos, and it’s collective. Thats what’s really powerful. It’s connected technologically. It’s not grandiose, but there is a fundamental assumption of being part of a much larger world and a much larger set of aspirations. The world can be a really awful, brutal, turbulent place. And yet I’m hopeful precisely because of this generation of kids. I really think we ought to just give them the keys as soon as we can. Let them run it.”

WOW. Honestly, my generation is full of cynicism. And I represent that generation well. We struggle to believe. We struggle to fight for faith. I want to find some of these kind of heros. The heros that don’t realize they are heros yet. Lets find them, pour into them, then support the heck out of them as they achieve everything we could not because we were to cynical.