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So with just 1 day left in 08, we probably wont see a change in the lead. Here are the top 4 posts of 2008 at my little blog. Thanks for tuning in, I can not wait for 2009.




So lets take all the biggest writers and artists in Christian music, send them to a studio to hang out for a couple of weeks, make a record and give the proceeds to the poor. 

Seems impossible right? Well it happened. 


Michael W. Smith, Toby Mac, Israel, Joel Houston, Steven Curtis Chapman, Paul Baloche, Tim Hughes, Matt Redman, Chris Tomlin, Martin Smith, Stu G, Darlene…and the list goes on.


I met Ben a few years ago. He was a mega-blogger, a pastor of a cool church up in DC, and a really cool dude. I was a little creative guy at a church in Florida. We exchanged emails and finally got to hang out. Since, Ben has moved to Atlanta and is the Innovative Chief for Catalyst. I moved to Integrity to work with team Integrity. Jay, Ben and I have been trying to get this deal done. It happened. United will be @ Catalyst West Coast. CHECK THIS OUT.

Now go register here.

there is nothing that can be said for this…Can Not Be Explained Only Experienced. Have a great weekend.

The new album comes out next Tuesday. This song is amazing. Please enjoy. The same power that conquered the grave lives in YOU…and me.

My friend Ben has been working with Jay and I for a while to get things lined up, and here it is: CATALYST WEST featuring United.

So my friend Bryan has a cool sports blog that ties in Christianity. He has interviewed some really cool people on his blog. I read his blog daily. Check him out.

Right now he is kicking off the Worship World Series. I gotta say, it is awesome that of the 8 teams, 4 of them are Integrity bands. GO TEAM! Check it out. Fun stuff.

Dope site.
Dope cause.
Get involved.


We have been hanging out with the Hillsong team for the past couple of days. I love that they put such an emphasis on creativity. If you have never seen United live, you are missing out. It rivals any show I have seen. 40-50 foot light wall with 3 video screens…amazing video shorts, and the music, well that speaks for itself. So many creatives are misunderstood. You have to create the right culture for the creative to thrive, and Hillsong has done a good job creating such a culture.

In order for worship, business, life, or anything to move to the next thing, we have to move past the current thing, or the thing that has always worked. Sometimes stretching like that freaks us out, but to be innovative, you have to be willing to blow some stuff up and fail sometimes.

Here is a small piece of interaction between the sermon and an amazing song: “How He Loves Us” from last nights sermon. Props to Jay for the video feed.

Here is a faux mac commercial that is killer about creativity.

Addiction Sucks.

As you may have heard, the rest of the Healer story is alive and well on the internet. There are a lot of reasons why people fall, but addiction is one of the reasons. Addictions can become obsessions in our lives. I think that the devil uses addictions to create strongholds in peoples lives and keep them in bondage so they can not be used the way God has always intended.

I have been addicted before. Addiction starts as a small thing that you believe will only hurt you, but usually ends up hurting a lot of people, and usually the people you care about the most. Addiction causes you to change course, change directions, sacrifice, and ends up destroying the purpose and destiny of your life. I am SO glad that God chooses to use broken, bad, un-perfect people to do his works. If He did not, He may as well hit the delete button on humanity and start over.

Pray for all those involved with addiction. In the case that surounds the worship community right now, it is obviously more than just addiction. The song Healer was a cry for help. It was desperation begging for forgiveness, hope, freedom, sanity, and oxygen. If you have ever recovered from addiction, you know the feeling to finally be free. I hear a lot people talking about how this situation could effect the church. If we really wanted to help the world start healing, lets start with dealing with addiction. EVERY DAY in our lives, our churches, our jobs, our schools, people are struggling to overcome addictions. Pornography, over eating, telling lies, gossiping, stealing, alcohol, drugs, all addictions that your friends, family, pastor, co-worker, father, son, sister, mom, aunt, grandmother deal with, daily. GRACE WINS and it is time for us to stop condemning the people we love and start to help them. Help people be authentic, be real, be honest, be willing to dig in and overcome addiction. Remove the fear of rejection, hate, disappointment, and replace it with love, forgiveness and a healthy relationship. It is going to suck, it is going to hurt, there will be damage and pain, but in the end, freedom will win, and God will get the glory. When we get free God can use us to even a greater level than he has to this point. I am committed to helping people feel what I get to finally feel on a daily bases. I am committed to helping people overcome their addictions without condemnation or judgement. Are you willing to help?

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