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Addiction Sucks.

As you may have heard, the rest of the Healer story is alive and well on the internet. There are a lot of reasons why people fall, but addiction is one of the reasons. Addictions can become obsessions in our lives. I think that the devil uses addictions to create strongholds in peoples lives and keep them in bondage so they can not be used the way God has always intended.

I have been addicted before. Addiction starts as a small thing that you believe will only hurt you, but usually ends up hurting a lot of people, and usually the people you care about the most. Addiction causes you to change course, change directions, sacrifice, and ends up destroying the purpose and destiny of your life. I am SO glad that God chooses to use broken, bad, un-perfect people to do his works. If He did not, He may as well hit the delete button on humanity and start over.

Pray for all those involved with addiction. In the case that surounds the worship community right now, it is obviously more than just addiction. The song Healer was a cry for help. It was desperation begging for forgiveness, hope, freedom, sanity, and oxygen. If you have ever recovered from addiction, you know the feeling to finally be free. I hear a lot people talking about how this situation could effect the church. If we really wanted to help the world start healing, lets start with dealing with addiction. EVERY DAY in our lives, our churches, our jobs, our schools, people are struggling to overcome addictions. Pornography, over eating, telling lies, gossiping, stealing, alcohol, drugs, all addictions that your friends, family, pastor, co-worker, father, son, sister, mom, aunt, grandmother deal with, daily. GRACE WINS and it is time for us to stop condemning the people we love and start to help them. Help people be authentic, be real, be honest, be willing to dig in and overcome addiction. Remove the fear of rejection, hate, disappointment, and replace it with love, forgiveness and a healthy relationship. It is going to suck, it is going to hurt, there will be damage and pain, but in the end, freedom will win, and God will get the glory. When we get free God can use us to even a greater level than he has to this point. I am committed to helping people feel what I get to finally feel on a daily bases. I am committed to helping people overcome their addictions without condemnation or judgement. Are you willing to help?

I rarely bite others blogs, but I had to borrow this from my friend Carlos.

I seriously think I know the guy who wrote this…

So everyone knows that it has been a rough couple of days in the worship community. So what do you do….YOU WORSHIP KIDS! Hillsong United is in Houston tonight. We get a chance to partner with Hillsong on these events. Here is the opening of the worship time that just happened 3 minutes ago (7:40 p.m.) People are on the other side of this flimsy wall worshiping and rocking. More great footage to come. Worship tonight with us as we celebrate all that God is!
Sorry for the crappy camera work.

After a couple of crazy days, yesterday being the most crazy since I started working @ Integrity, I am off to Houston this morning. We are going to try some new stuff on the blog over the next few days so check it out! The next 5 days are going to be jam packed with worship. Can not wait to see what is going to happen. I dont want to say to much other than: Hillsong, Israel, blog…

At this point, the news is flying fast and frantic. People are mad, upset, hurt, angry, confused, and the list really goes on and on. How does this kind of thing happen? Who knows. There are a LOT of things that no one can understand. There is no way to explain all of the transgressions. Here is what is important to remember:

Grace is free, but cost you a lot to extend it to others.
You will want Grace some day, so dish out to the level you would want to receive.
Gods word is true, and does not change.
One of the names of God is Healer. God Heals. Always has, always will.
If God can use a donkey, he can use a man with flaws, and for that I am so thankful.

At this time, it is time for the church to shine. It is not about how you feel. This is about the work of God. Your not a judge, neither am I. How you respond to the man, the song, and what God is doing with this song is what is important. Sure, this could be a black eye for the church, but it could be a slit in the throat if we, as the church and christians, do not respond properly.

God has breathed on this song. God has a plan and a purpose for this song, and those involved with it. The devil would love to discredit this song and the movement of people being healed. Do not allow yourself to buy into destruction, speak life. God also still has a plan for those involved in the song (writers, churches, those singing, etc)

I am so glad that God has given us Grace. Grace is amazing. I have needed it more than anyone. So I want to give it out on a level higher than I have ever received.

More to come when I can speak about this on a larger scale.

Grace ALWAYS wins…

extend it as much as you would want it extended to you.

If I have not told you how amazing it is to work at Integrity Music lately, let me take the time to do so now. AMAZING.

I love that every Wednesday morning we have chapel and the owner of our company shares his heart with the staff. Today was so timely and so powerful. First, Carlos led worship for us. Can’t wait to tell you more about that later. Mike began talking about the power of forgiveness. Here are a few notes that I hope will rock your world the same way they rocked mine:

  • There is a terrible downward cycle that follows this order: Expectations that we have about someone or some thing are not met (either your mistreated or you have been wronged) which creates the opportunity to forgive or not to forgive. If we do not forgive, Hurt and Disappointment set in. The state of not forgiving someone then leads to offense. After we are offended, our love grows cold. Once love has grown cold, we move to a state of betrayal, and this is where we break relationship.
  • The watershed moment is not when our expectations are dashed, that WILL happen, it is how we respond and if we choose to forgive. 
  • If we choose to forgive a new cycle starts: Forgiveness and forgiving others leads to Gods power being revealed. When Gods power is revealed, Mercy is released. Mercy always triumphs over judgement. After Gods power is released, we can then move into the Destiny and Purpose God has for that situation. 
  • Love covers transgressions 
  • when you forgive, you have to let whatever “it” is go.
  • You know if you have forgiven by if you still bring “it” up. 
  • The enemy WILL attempt to coax us to re-engage with what we have let go
  • Luke 17 – They asked for more faith, so they could forgive
  • If you do not forgive, YOU can not be set free. Even if you did not do anything in the first place. 
  • When you think of the person that did not meet your expectations, what do you think about? If you think about the letters you wish you would have wrote or the conversation you wish you would have had to set them straight, you have not forgiven. 
  • If you are dwelling on “it” still, you have not forgiven. 
  • You will never achieve your calling until you deal with forgiveness. 
  • Gods promotion comes when he knows you can forgive. 
Again, I freaking love Integrity. 

Just wrapped up “Wild Goose Chase” by Mark Batterson. I had jumped on board with “In A Pit With A Lion On A Snowy Day” when it first released, and was very excited by the opportunity to review Mark’s second literary offering. I love the concept of this book. A challenging look at living a life that is outside the norm. Mark highlights the reasons people fail to live a FULL life, most of which are the joys of comfort and the fear of the unknown.

Mark uses the Celtic Christian translation for the name of the Holy Spirit, the Wild Goose. The concept of chasing the will of God versus asking God to bless our plans, like chasing a wild goose. Mark uses great stories to encourage readers to come out of the cages that protect us from living a full life. The 6 cages are classified as: Cage of Responsibility, Cage of Routine, Cage of Assumptions, Cage of Guilt, Cage of Failure, and the Cage of Fear.

This book is a great read if you want to be challenged to live outside your comfort zone. I tell my team all the time that we are trying to live in a culture of can, not a culture of can not. This book takes our excuses, our reasons, our hesitations, and shows that when we replace those things with faith and a desire to fulfill the plan of God for our lives, there is nothing that can stop us. I urge you, pick up this book and share it with your team, friends, and anyone who is living less of a life than God destined for them to live!

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  • Reading Wild Goose Chase for a review in the next 15 hours. 
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Are you ready for Generation V? In the past, generations have traditionally been defined by age demographic. Well, times are changing kids. The IT research firm, Gartner, have found a new people type and this group is being tagged Generation Virtual. According to Gartner generation V is: “based on demonstrated achievement, accomplishments and an increasing preference for the use of digital media channels to discover information, build knowledge and share insights.”

So basically, this generation is defined by how they use media. The research group breaks the generation up by those who create content, those who contribute content, those who find opportunity in the content, and the other roughly 80% are the users of the content or the “lurkers”. So what are you going to do to engage this people group?

I kind of feel worshippers fall into the same categories. It is fun and interesting to see people of different age groups, racial sects, domestic achievement levels attaching to a song, movement, worship leader, etc. Each Generation V is alive and well in the church, the worship community, and your household. Having content that people want is rule number one. Communicating that message to them, in their language is number 2. Welcome to the new world of Gen V.

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