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Check out the new single by Mat Kearney.


Mastering is the frosting on a record. It makes everything shine. Jay is in NYC today with Israel and Aaron frosting “The Power of One.” Want to see? (Everywhere I Go is the first song. Just Want To Say is the second)

This is not the cover, but it is a close representation of what we plan to do…what do you think?


Here is a little message from Israel teasing the new album:

This is an amazing worship song. I am LOVING it. Churches will be singing this like crazy. Enjoy.

My friends at Relevant Magazine have this great place to check out new music. It is called The Drop. If you are a music fan, like I am, check it out.

So much I could blog tonight. I have had one of those days where you just go all out all day. Man, it has been crazy. Tomorrow is the street date for Today Is The Day by Lincoln Brewster. I am excited to see what ends up happening with Lincoln via this project. We received a review today and the review started off by saying: “Lincoln Brewster is the king or modern rock worship.” Very nice to hear, and a compliment for sure, but it was Lincolns response that I enjoyed the most: “If you keep your head in the execution and out of the results, you wont have to worry.”

You can have the best ideas. The most creative plans. The most innovative concepts without execution, you don’t really have anything. Execution is the key. Doing what you do, your own part, making the most of your section so that the overall group wins, that is the key. Take ownership in your part. Be the best at whatever you put your hands too!

Here is a link to the review. It is very kind.

I will come back and post the link to the iTunes store when it is live.

Every day I get a little more excited about THIS.

Here is a clip from the lab. Making history. Tommy Sims (if you dont know who he is, click the link), Aaron Lindsay, and ISRAEL. 1 song a day, beginning to end. “….Your Not Mad @ Me, Your Not Mad @ Me, You Are Madly In Love With Me.” Jay makes the studio go down, he pushes. Enjoy.

I have got to give you a little Parachute love today. I have talked about this album a few times, but I got a sampler from the boys and wanted to share it with you so you can see what all the fuss is about. The sampler gives you every tune in snippet form. However, for my worship leading friends, or those of you who love a good worship song, peep the second stream…LIVING RAIN. Much Friday Love. We will chat this weekend.

Technicolor Sampler

Living Rain

I am so excited about this record. It is going to be a rocking worship experience. I posted these songs a few weeks ago, however, I think between Healer and Imeem, they got pulverized. So now, with no further delay, 2 great new songs off the Parachute Band album Technicolor. Street date is 9/30/08



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