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what a romantic title for a post about my amazing wife and the 10 years we have spent together. Today is our anniversary. First and Ten makes perfect sense though. Some days it feels like the first, some days it feels like the tenth.

I met Jackie when she was in high school. Who would have thought back then that today we would live in Mobile, AL, have 4 kids, been through a lot of fun, good, bad, tears, life, deaths, joy, pain, and still be together looking into the future and dreaming about what God has planned for our lives.

So today we are sitting here talking about all that we have been through, all that we love, some of what we dont like and all that we can not wait to try and achieve. Love ya babe, your my best friend, my homey, and your super hot.


So with just 1 day left in 08, we probably wont see a change in the lead. Here are the top 4 posts of 2008 at my little blog. Thanks for tuning in, I can not wait for 2009.


I was checking out my friend Bartons blog and found this amazing video. Had to share. 

if you want to read a pretty crazy story showing Christmas, click HERE.

Christmas is our families favorite time of the year. We love it! Funny though how there is so much anticipation but up for one morning, a meal, and then some movies…then life jolts back to normal. The morning after. There is a bit of a hangover, and then we rush through New Years Eve and we are back to normality, whatever that means.

light blogs, we have a big year ahead of us…i wonder what is going to happen.

lots to blog about, but not a lot of time. bouncing from one house to another…tis the season to lose track of blogging…fa la la la la….

back to regular rotation at some point next week. hang in there friends.

i truly hope you and yours have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and that 2009 is a year for you to realize the potential you possess. Lets make history before we become history.


I was at the mall all day. I went to get Jackies computer fixed. Arrived at 11, got home at 10:30 tonight. That is WAY to long. A TON of people out in the mall today.

With all those people out there, you would think that someone would be happy. Only a select FEW actually cared. Smiled. Said Merry Christmas. Interesting.

We decide our attitudes. Its up to us. What do you choose?


YEP. Official confirmation. Recorded around the world. March is going to be a good month for music: U2 and ISRAEL. YES!


Remember when we went to school and someone picked on you. You would come back with your “come back” but like 5 hours later you would think of a WAY better come back that you wished you had thought of back in the fight….this kinda feels like that.

So a few months ago I blogged about the atheists who took out a campaign that was anti-God. There was TV coverage and everything.

WELL, here is the christian comeback. To bad we did not do it first, and got good graphics to go with our message. Oh well, “B” for effort. (Props to Ms. Murphy who is not even a church or organization but is mobilizing believers to join the campaign)

Enjoy a little humor via PBS: