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Also, number one single is a great watch as well. lisa loeb is still cool.

so blow out is coming back on. i straight (emphasis on straight) up love that show. Jonathan is a maniac. amazing. 

while in nashville, i had breakfast with a couple of friends. during that time, Joey showed us this diagram on leadership and the necessity for different personality types in business. when i have a few extra minutes, i will PS the graph and post it, it is AWESOME!

So TBN has called again and we are rumored to be aired this friday, more to come on all that. 

note: eddy i did make the changes this is an older version. same impact. enjoy the smell. 

so tuesday while flying to nashville and reading the book “buzz marketing” the idea hit me. this is an ad that would get people talking. obviously this is not an ad you would run in the church section of the news paper. the placement of this ad would be in sports bars, gyms, etc and most likely would be exclusively on those over the urinal type lightboxes.

there is an internal debate as to if this is to far over the top. a portion of our office says go for it, we would create a stir for sure. the other half feels we would be better served to take the same message and change the approach a little. what do you think? WOuld you do it at your church?

SIDEBAR: Thanks eddy for the pointers, as you can see they have been applied.


in the lobby of the ameri-suites in cool springs, about to go have breakfast with some friends. 

last night was great. tbn scheduled a few to many guests and pastor only ended up with about 30 minutes to preach, however, it was a VERY strong night for Calvary. Trent did great inspite of the stage sound. 

Obviously more later. 

i am a recovering blog slacker. i am working hard on getting better. the first step is admitting the problem. there i did it.

last night pastor spoke @ faith in orlando then we stayed at the Westin Grand Bohemian. More to come in a minute on the hotel. This morning we went to something called a “sectional council”. yawn. love being with my work people though. we followed it up with a trip to millennia which is always a good day.

tomorrow we head to nashville. Actually, the bus leaves in an hour with a majority of the crew. i fly in much later, i have so much to do.

we tape tbn tomorrow night and then the show will air on Friday night. if you have not experienced calvary before, make sure you tune in and see what is going on.

a truly amazing twist is that Ron Carpenter is going to be on the show as well. his church ( redemption, is rumored to be a mirror image of our church, just a little bigger. but hey, we are on the come up.

now back to the hotel. the bohemian is themed on art and music. this place is so cool. we are going to incorporate a lot of their vibe into our new building.


i will be more consistent with my blogging.


lots going on, thus the lack of blogs. 

1. we are filming tbn in nashville on tuesday night. the show will air on friday night. we are hosting and will have anointed and ron carpenter as guests.

2. alive promotion is in full swing, more to come on this later.

3. more to come on being a WOW church, how far do we have to go?

4. we had over 200 bikers come to our first annual bike show with a $1000.00 prize. a very successful event. several of the bikers got saved during the church service.

5. wow conference is coming soon. 2 weeks. yikes.

i hope all are well. to my nashville people, hit me up if you have time to hang. i fly in tuesday and fly out wednesday.

i am not much of a baseball fan. love baskeball and football but dont really care to much about americas past time. yawn.

this right here takes the cake though. 1. weird. 2. you can not say he is not on steroids, he looks like the hulk. 3. weird.

my wife just started her blog, as promised.


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