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Excellence happens when you take a LASER FOCUS approach to items and issues. When you are laser focused, nothing else distracts your attention. You do not have to be amazing at everything, the fact of the matter is, very few people can be amazing at everything. If your a very creative person, you might not be the best organizer. If you are a great organizer, chances are your creativity is going to be lacking. Not always, but usually.  But you can be amazing at YOUR thing. What is the thing you do so well that you can focus laser like skills on it and make your mark? 

Now sometimes circumstances do not allow you to be laser focused, so do your best to keep your laser focus and allow your team to help complete the other items. Do your best, be your best. Don’t follow, lead and be the best in your area of leadership.

When was the last time you remember seeing an ad on TV for a dry cleaner? Do you think people in your community could recall when they last saw an ad for a church? What about banks, those spots could not possibly be more forgettable. Enter creativity. Do something in your spot that sets you apart. What is your unique thing. What is the one thing that makes your church, product, event, or thing different than everyone else? SHOWCASE WHAT MAKES YOU UNIQUE. 

These are the things I have noticed I say everyday. I say them for various reasons. If it is true you know people by what they say, your about to meet me (top 20):

  1. No Excuses
  2. Drill deeper
  3. I love you
  4. Drama
  5. who will do this, when, ?
  6. execute
  7. how is the reading
  8. how is the math
  9. how was school
  10. creative
  11. rhythm
  12. pray church
  13. jesus be a fence
  14. widget, facebook, 
  15. brand
  16. budget
  17. twitter
  18. blog
  19. clean
  20. simple


Check out Monitter. you can see what anyone is twitting about your keyword. Cool way to find people who support your “thing” (church, pastor, song, life)

I heard a talk today that moved me. i love the story of David from the bible. The reason I love David is he was a screw up. He did all the things that you say you would never do. He did all the things we all do.He did what i do…and yet he was still a man after Gods own heart. Grace, amazingly.

So when David was young, he sought God. And in the seeking, found Gods way to do thing. As he became successful, as he became busy, as he become a leader, he started to trust “carts”. See, the ark was built to be CARRIED. It had handles. But when David saw the ark, it came in on a cart. Wheels, to make it easy. It was not the 6 steps and sacrifice the way God created for the cart to be moved, but rather a simple hook up some cows and roll with it version. Gods path for your life, your relationship with him, was created to take a sacrifice. David got lazy, or busy, or relaxed and started to not seek Gods way, what He was saying, but rather he started to take the patchwork, crumbs, and theories of what other people told him what God was doing, saying, and how He was moving. Truth is, we all do this.

So today I was challenged to not eat off others crumbs, to not follow the patchwork of what others say, to seek for myself. God created the search for him to be 6 steps and sacrifice. A bloody, hard, sacrificial road. You ready to roll with the cart or carry the call?

Not as far as you think. The presence of God has always been somewhat mysterious to me. Sure, you know when you are there, but what is the formula for arriving in this place, and how is it possible to stay in this place. I dont have all the answers but I can tell you what I have experienced.

God is not waiting for the perfect setting. He does not need our man made practices of “ushering him in”. It does not have to be a show, it can be, but it is not necessary. Music… optional. What it takes is pretty simple, engagement.

He is waiting. Now, later, forever. Waiting for us to engage him. Waiting for me to stop being consumed by me and start looking for him. He is waiting for you. Ask. Seek. Except. In a bar, in your house, while driving your car, riding a train, in the bathroom, he does not care. He just wants to be engaged. It does not have to be as mysterious as we make it. Its a whisper. A moment. The realization of needing more than what I have, what you have, and that we need who He is. are you ready?


I used to hate sell outs. I had no grace. You know sell outs, people who are supposed to be one thing and end up trading it in to go commercial? Then I became a sell out. I became something that I was not supposed to be…SUCKED!

But today, that is not the kind of sell out for which I am referring. I am actually talking about a GOOD kind of sell out. I was just thinking about all the things we get to do with our lives. We have the privilege of being employees, workers, leaders, followers, helpers, vision casters, lifers…WE GET A CHANCE. It made me realize how important it is for you to be passionate about what you do and how it is done. If you are not SOLD OUT to what you are doing, do yourself, us, him, her and we all a favor and STOP. That right, quit. Stop so you can chase your destiny. Stop so you don’t waste your time and resources. Stop so you can START doing the thing you are supposed to be doing all along.

Ben talked the other day on his blog about finding your sweet spot. Are you in your sweet spot? What should you STOP today, and how will stopping that allow you to start what you should have started a long time ago?

Very few people understand what it is like to have their parents exposed to the world. Pastors kids do on some level, politicians, athletes, leaders, celebrities, you get the point. This is a classy move by the daughters, BUSH.

BOTH SIDES, take your shots. “Bush…” and now “Obama…” but these are people. Walk in grace. Walk in love. Have respect. Support them. Pray for them. Thank you Bush family for your years of service to our country. Thank you Obama family for accepting the enormous task of leading us now.

Something unique about using ones own circumstances to make that person rethink their on position on an issue.

This is dope.

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