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So I have tried to cut back the amount of “work” that gets on my blog, but this is to cool not to share. In just over 3 weeks, there has been over 10k views of this video that we created with Kari Jobe. Her record is amazing, and she is TOP shelf. Check it out.

You can not always say yes. You may not have all the answers. Sometimes, you might just not know what to do exactly. REGARDLESS, do all you can do to facilitate. Go the extra mile. Try to help! A wise man once said: “There is never a traffic Jam on the extra mile.”

Early this week I had to call someone to get some information. I spoke with their assistant. As I was talking to them about this issue, they made me feel like I was wasting their time. It went over the edge when the concluding sentence from the assistant was: “Could you email me what this is about, so I can get (her/him) to help you.” Really. So thats the best you have? Okay, Im going elsewhere. I am SURE another organization would like to work this deal out. Thanks.


Most of you are believers, some are even pastors. This is just a reminder.

I got an email today. It was from my Dad. He had to go to Wal Mart. He saw this guy, and gave the man some money. By the way…

the man was a soldier, he fought for your freedom and mine
he is the son of a mother and father
he may be a brother to someone
he could be a dad
he is asking for money to get him to Monday. Living for Monday when his veterans check arrives. Just enough to get through. Nothing luxurious, just a meal.

“Anyone who sets himself up as a believer by talking a good game is self-deceived. this kind of believer is full of hot air and only hot air. A real believer, the kind that pass muster before God the Father believes: to reach out to the homeless and loveless in their plight, and guard against corruption from the godless world.” :: James 1:26-27

Not your church. Not your ministry. Not your friend. Not your family. What have YOU done? What have I done? Lets make JUSTICE WORK!

are you the guy who is thankful for all that people do, or are never satisfied and think you are owed something…or deserve better?

are you cool and easy to work with or are you difficult?

do you want everyone to win or are you more concerned with just winning yourself?

Kindness rules. Try your best to make it easy to work with you! Not every situation can be “win-win” but find the ability to create ownership, achievement, and a win for everyone as often as possible….I’m just saying.

My man JAY hooked this up. AMAZING VIDEO.

What is more of a motivating force for YOU? What is it that drives you? Why do you get up in the morning and put yourself out there over and over again? Is it passion? Is it fear? Calling? Success? Are you more scared of succeeding or failing? What does it for you? What is the driving force in your life?

Check out the new single by Mat Kearney.

This is cool for those who crave a creative space. I think that this would be killer in a kids area. Also cool for some creative communication.

No one cares. That’s what we have to remember. No one cares about our thing as much as you do. Your service, your product, your brand, no one cares about itvthe way you do.

That’s how you know if you have the right team, the right focus, if they care the same way.

When others start becoming passionate you have won them over and they will start to evangelize for you.

How are you making it easy for people to start to care on an uncommon level?are you giving them the vision? Are they being equiped and empowered? Are you letting go enough for them to fly knowing at times they will crash?

Even though right now no one cares, there are passionate people out there waiting, wanting, and hoping to find something to care about. We care.

Listened to Elizabeth Gilbert’s talk from the TED conference today. It was very entertaining and a good look at the mind of the creative. Invest the 19 minutes.

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