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Game recognizes game, or so I have heard.

Carlos is the blog master fresh! He rules all the social networks.

Israel is the worship master fresh! He rules the stage when leading worship.

Friday @ 5 est on RAGAMUFFINSOUL.COM you can peep the new Israel video for Just Wanna Say…

Im Just saying.

So this weeks cover of Newsweek states that Christianity is about to drift away in America. The premise is that in the past 20 years America has moved from 86% Christian to 76% Christian, thus it is over.

WELL, tell that to Rick Warren. He personally teaches the new members class at his “Little” church every month. He stated last night on Larry King that on average they have 100-200 people in the class each month. Last month, however, over 2,400 people attended the class and became members. Oh yea, they also had over 800 water baptisms last month.

Surveys can say whatever you want, it is all in how you ask the question. If you think that what we believe is not connecting, do something about it…make it connect…Rick is doing it, and it is working…BIG.

We are not called to the earth to be defeated, we are called to overcome and bring the kingdom to earth. Just sayin.

This song is an ANTHEM. In times like we are living today, where everyone needs hope, this is what we need to remember. Above everything else, God You Reign. We have released this as the new single for Lincoln Brewster, we hope you will hear it on your local radio station soon.

So I have tried to cut back the amount of “work” that gets on my blog, but this is to cool not to share. In just over 3 weeks, there has been over 10k views of this video that we created with Kari Jobe. Her record is amazing, and she is TOP shelf. Check it out.



Something that I found as an interesting concept. Imagine you walk up to a house. Every room of the house has a window. As you approach, you want to find out what is happening inside the house. What is up? What is going on with this family? What do they do and how do they act? 

So if I look in the kitchen window a get a picture of the goings on of the home through that perspective. I may see meals being prepared, homework being done, or groceries being put up. However, that view does not let me know what is up in the study or on in the garage. 

I think sometimes our lives are like this. We look through our little window and we think that the entire world is working like the kitchen, when really there is reconstruction being done in the garage, there is a cleansing being done in the bathroom, there is a warm fire and games being played in the study.

Don’t be afraid to take a step back and check out life through other windows. Ask some questions about the other rooms. Get the full picture of the house. 

I honestly don’t do this enough, but I am committed to pursuing the view of  the entire house and all the activities in the house. I want to know about the entire life that makes the house, not just the one window I am looking through.

Not as far as you think. The presence of God has always been somewhat mysterious to me. Sure, you know when you are there, but what is the formula for arriving in this place, and how is it possible to stay in this place. I dont have all the answers but I can tell you what I have experienced.

God is not waiting for the perfect setting. He does not need our man made practices of “ushering him in”. It does not have to be a show, it can be, but it is not necessary. Music… optional. What it takes is pretty simple, engagement.

He is waiting. Now, later, forever. Waiting for us to engage him. Waiting for me to stop being consumed by me and start looking for him. He is waiting for you. Ask. Seek. Except. In a bar, in your house, while driving your car, riding a train, in the bathroom, he does not care. He just wants to be engaged. It does not have to be as mysterious as we make it. Its a whisper. A moment. The realization of needing more than what I have, what you have, and that we need who He is. are you ready?

How you start your day can determine the course for that day…i really believe that. If right out of bed you are dealing with negativity, or positioning yourself in a negative state, you will have a bad day. Likewise, a good perspective on the day can change how you see everything.

God works on our behalf when we are sleeping. He does not rest when we rest, but actually created rest so we could recharge and be more effective achieving His purpose. 

Yesterday I was reading Psalms 19 (msg). Psalms 19 is a great way to start your day. Here are some highlights:

  • Gods glory is on a tour in the skies,
  • God-craft on exhibit across the horizen
  • Unspoken truth is spoken everywhere
  • …God’s Word vaulsts across the skies from sunrise to sunset, melting ice, ccorching deserts, warming hearts to faith
  • God’s word warns us of danger and directs us to a hidden treasure, otherwise how will we find our way?
  • Clean the slate, God, so we can start the day fresh. (I love that) 
  • Keep us from stupid sins, from thinking we can take over your work
  • Then I can start this day sun-washed, scrubbed clean of the grime of sin. 

ROCK IT TODAY. May today be the best day of your life. Make your mark.

Just got back from Houston, it was an amazing experience. We went to create a unique worship experience, and thankfully, we succeeded.

The new Israel record is over the top good. I mean, when you hear this album, you will be amazed. Since it is so sonically amazing, we felt that we needed to create a more user-friendly version that would eliminate the challenge for worship leaders around the world.

We jammed 30 worshippers into the studio, put up some lights, and Israel and 3 musicians played an 80 minute worship set that was powerful. We are creating resources from this piece and can not wait to share them with you. It was an amazing time.

Now, maybe a little Christmas vacation time.

It is cool when creative worlds collide. Joel Houston was passing through NYC this week and dropped by the studio to check out the Israel mastering process. Jay grab the camera and got this little footage. It is fun to see when worlds collide. Enjoy.

Kari posts another blog. Everyone, please keep the comments @ least PG.

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