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Here is a very interesting idea. Churches uniting across the country sharing 1 week to introduce your church to other church models. In addition, as a pastor, you can create your own video sermon and share it with other churches across the country. Check out the video below. This is a big idea. I love the idea of pooling offerings, working with other churches in your city as well as other cities. None of this is done to make money for a church or speakers, and it is a uniting of the body. Here is a link. Thoughts?

This is a cool place to make a mixtape.

This is a cool commercial for a mix tape. Creativity creates a space for itself….

My Man Jay posted this video on his blog and I am officially BITING!!!!! This song is so un-freaking-believable that I had to share it with those of you who have never taken the time to go see Jay’s dope blog. Hope you enjoy. KATE NASH…

” loswhit: I seriously might work in the most bad a– church building on the planet. Just sayin. ” 

from the twitter of CDubbs. I love that he loves God, and is still just a real dude.

HERE IS WHAT I NEED!This is a new WIDGET from my friends in Worth Dying For. Can you please put it on your social network and share it with your friends?



According to a Barna study, 2/3’s of American church attenders say they have never experienced the presence of God.

That is very very scary.

based on a talk by Mike Coleman at chapel:

  • Gods kingdom is about organization. The Kingdom is righteousness, peace, joy.
  • The price Jesus paid on the cross was not death, it was being removed from the presence of God
  • When Adam and Eve sinned they did not see God, they only heard him
  • Inhabit is to sit down, settle, remain, and marry
  • God wants daily fellowship, not occasional glances
Just a few thoughts for you. Live great today.


Here is a small snapshot of how hard it is to break a record in just the Christian world: 

Almost 15,000 titles released last year via distribution systems.

10% sold 20 units or more.

1,213 albums can more than 200 units.

only the top 93 units on a given week on soundscan (on average) sell 100 or units or more per week. This equates to almost 1 unit per store.

Before you release your album, sign your deal, etc, find out what your expectations are and if they can be met. Is it necessary to create a hard product for retail? Maybe a digital release makes more sense. How many units do you need to sell to pay for your album? How do you get this done? Just some thoughts.

Check out the new album cover for Tye Tribbett: tyecvr.jpg

VERY rarely do I cut and paste a blog. PLEASE go over and read my friend Ben Arments blog and subscribe. This post this morning touched me so deeply:

The Tragedies that Propel you to Greatness

By Ben Arment

Let me ask you a question. Would you rather be well-adjusted and marginally successful… or emotionally wounded and highly successful? I’ve noticed a strong correlation between successful leaders and dark pasts.Some of the most successful men and women have experienced traumatic childhoods that propel them to become high-achievers. The early loss of a mother, the neglect of a father, abandonment, abuse…Just listened to Steve Jobs describe how his single mother gave him up for adoption to another couple that she made promise would put him through college. Imagine the pain. He ended up dropping out of school and the rest is history…I’ve heard similar stories about successful pastors and church planters. What often drives them to greatness is the motivation of escaping or redeeming their dark past. Righteous or not, it stirs up a great force within them that seeks wholeness, satisfaction.more later….

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