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After just 1 week live, and with only blog promotion, our Healer site has received 18 pages of prayer requests and 7 pages of praise reports. We are so encouraged that so many people are sharing their needs, victories, and helping each other. Tonight I received news of a friend who has had hospice called in due to cancer, I am heading over to post his request shortly. I wanted to share a few things from the site. (sidebar: we are praying for these requests as a marketing team on Mondays and in our staff intercession time on Fridays, so they are not just getting posted, there is prayer behind them):


  • Mark Powell: Healed of cancer
  • Joe & Kathy: After 13 years of trying, JD was born
  • Mary: Husband protected from a bombing in Iraq
  • Missy: Restored Marriage 
  • Beverly: Showing this to patients in hospital
  • THERE ARE SO MANY MORE…I am not doing the stories justice, go check them out.
  • Michael: Cancer
  • Lisa: Hard pregnancy 
  • Paul: Restoration 
  • Rob: Set free
  • Bev: Freedom
  • Obviously with 18 pages, I can only list a few. If you are a “prayer warrior” go pick a few names and reach out for them
Thanks for the support. God is moving and people need help! 

I would like to introduce you to the FAMILYFORCE5 remix of LET IT OUT by WORTH DYING FOR! (that is way to many caps but I am excited) On Friday night, WDF opened for Casting Crowns. Below you will find a picture of Mark from the crowns rocking his blindfold! Tell me what you think about the remix baby.

My friend, Jenni Catron, had a great post about this: Build a brand that your successor will be proud to inherit, not one that they need to blow up and rebuild. I love that concept. Build something that will last for decades. But how? Well, it will not be personality driven, so it is going to have to be developed around a mission and a purpose that is strong enough to stand the test of time. You will need tremendous focus to not get off track when you start to have success. You also will have to be able to impart the DNA of the purpose and the mission into others, so that it can spread through departments, cities, ministries or whatever. Also, your missions statement, the mantra, the filter that you pass everything through, should be so clear, precise, and developed. It must be more than just your filter for decisions, but the test that you measure every move against. (THIS IS A VERY NUTSHELL VIEW, but what I am musing about today)

If you build a brand correctly, it can not only last through your life, but it can generationally pass down, and that is the real strength!

The goal of any product, church, band, invention, brand, etc, is to make other people talk about your stuff. Sometimes you do some things that make TOTAL sense and make people talk. Other times, you go for something that makes people just talk…

This church was willing to do something unique to get people talking. Do you get it? They wrote it for Jesus to read. It is good when the church, or Christians create a buzz and get people talking about something POSITIVE. We are a religion based on faith, hope, and love…

Proverbs 28: “The wicked are edgy with guilt, ready to run off even when no one is after them. Honest poeple are relaxed and confident, bold as lions.” Honest = Relaxed=Confident=Bold.

Marketing is a funny thing. Promote your product, but do so without over communicating to your audience. You can not be everything to everyone. I have been in these kind of meetings. Keep it simple, simple wins.

If you have not yet, check out the site, God is moving on peoples lives.

What you do vs who you are. A paradox on some levels. I asked 3 people last week, different people in different stages of life to tell me 4 sentences about themselves. 2 of the 3 just told me things they do. Those are hints at who you are but they are not the REAL you. The real you is who you are deep inside. Interesting concept. With your employees, do you know who they are or what they do? with your kids, your wife/husband, your friends? I want to be about the who more than the what.

A perfect example, JAY KING, I know the who and the what. Who he is ROCKS, what he does is pretty cool too. He lets you in on all of it, cuz he is real.

Figure out some of the who’s this week and not just the whats…..

Found this cool site over at this cool blog. Here is what my blog seems to be about.

We are seeing traffic starting to pick up at our Healer site. Thanks for your help in telling people about this site. I have heard of 3 churches who are making an announcement about this tomorrow at their services.

Thanks to all those who have posted about the Healer Website. Short post. If you want to know what is important to me right now see my post from last night. Thanks again and keep telling people about this site.

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