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Game recognizes game, or so I have heard.

Carlos is the blog master fresh! He rules all the social networks.

Israel is the worship master fresh! He rules the stage when leading worship.

Friday @ 5 est on RAGAMUFFINSOUL.COM you can peep the new Israel video for Just Wanna Say…

Im Just saying.

Check out the new single by Mat Kearney.

Bono was created to lead worship. He leads worship every time he sings. “Let Freedom Reign”

Just got back from Houston, it was an amazing experience. We went to create a unique worship experience, and thankfully, we succeeded.

The new Israel record is over the top good. I mean, when you hear this album, you will be amazed. Since it is so sonically amazing, we felt that we needed to create a more user-friendly version that would eliminate the challenge for worship leaders around the world.

We jammed 30 worshippers into the studio, put up some lights, and Israel and 3 musicians played an 80 minute worship set that was powerful. We are creating resources from this piece and can not wait to share them with you. It was an amazing time.

Now, maybe a little Christmas vacation time.

It is cool when creative worlds collide. Joel Houston was passing through NYC this week and dropped by the studio to check out the Israel mastering process. Jay grab the camera and got this little footage. It is fun to see when worlds collide. Enjoy.

Kari posts another blog. Everyone, please keep the comments @ least PG.

Mastering is the frosting on a record. It makes everything shine. Jay is in NYC today with Israel and Aaron frosting “The Power of One.” Want to see? (Everywhere I Go is the first song. Just Want To Say is the second)

This is not the cover, but it is a close representation of what we plan to do…what do you think?


Here is a little message from Israel teasing the new album:

b173547394 is going to host our good friend Kari Jobe Tuesday November 25 @ 8 p.m. CST.

Join Kari as she discusses her latest album ‘Kari Jobe’ releasing in February, Her latest single ‘I’m 
Singing’ (a cowrite with fellow worship leader/artist Chris Tomlin), what’s going on in her life and the  vision for the future of her ministry! Everyone will be able to watch the video chat but only those whoare registered users of will be able to ask questions. Please take a minute to join this exciting Christian focused social network! It’s 100% free! 

The concept is simple. If we all do something, the power of one will change the world. The album that goes with that theory is crazy. Here is an industry ad we are running. Get ready, this will be next level.


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