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My new friend BARTON is pretty amazing. He creates stuff that will blow you away. Here is an example:

Check out his site, or IGNITERMEDIA for more of his dope-ness. Buy some of these products and support great art in the church.


My man JAY hooked this up. AMAZING VIDEO.

Check out the new single by Mat Kearney.

This is fresh. I have not seen this before. Pretty engaging. 


This is dope.

Bono was created to lead worship. He leads worship every time he sings. “Let Freedom Reign”

It is cool when creative worlds collide. Joel Houston was passing through NYC this week and dropped by the studio to check out the Israel mastering process. Jay grab the camera and got this little footage. It is fun to see when worlds collide. Enjoy.

Mastering is the frosting on a record. It makes everything shine. Jay is in NYC today with Israel and Aaron frosting “The Power of One.” Want to see? (Everywhere I Go is the first song. Just Want To Say is the second)


I was talking to a friend the other day and he asked me where I was feeling passion. I told him a little while ago, if you asked me that I would have had to honestly tell you I had no passion. However, now I can tell you, I have a BUNCH of passions and I can not pick just one place. It is crazy. Music. Worship. Church. Development. Future. Impact. New Relationships.

I want to introduce you to someone who needs NO introduction. Kari Jobe is a worship leader @ Gateway church. Her first single, I’m Singing has just went to radio (props to the orlando z88 peeps for being on early) and will start impacting in January. You can go HERE to check out the single. We are getting Kari to start blogging and video blogging. Here is her first ever VIDEO blog. Followed by the song that she has made popular, Revelation Song. Enjoy the worship.

My buddy Ben hit me off to this really cool dude who likes to design. Barton worked on this ad for us and turned it in like almost 30 minutes and came up with something as cool as this! We are going to use this ad in the new resource book NEUE. Check out his site. He also rolls deep with my crew from Circadian Rhythm (back in the day).

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