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I used to hate sell outs. I had no grace. You know sell outs, people who are supposed to be one thing and end up trading it in to go commercial? Then I became a sell out. I became something that I was not supposed to be…SUCKED!

But today, that is not the kind of sell out for which I am referring. I am actually talking about a GOOD kind of sell out. I was just thinking about all the things we get to do with our lives. We have the privilege of being employees, workers, leaders, followers, helpers, vision casters, lifers…WE GET A CHANCE. It made me realize how important it is for you to be passionate about what you do and how it is done. If you are not SOLD OUT to what you are doing, do yourself, us, him, her and we all a favor and STOP. That right, quit. Stop so you can chase your destiny. Stop so you don’t waste your time and resources. Stop so you can START doing the thing you are supposed to be doing all along.

Ben talked the other day on his blog about finding your sweet spot. Are you in your sweet spot? What should you STOP today, and how will stopping that allow you to start what you should have started a long time ago?


I met Ben a few years ago. He was a mega-blogger, a pastor of a cool church up in DC, and a really cool dude. I was a little creative guy at a church in Florida. We exchanged emails and finally got to hang out. Since, Ben has moved to Atlanta and is the Innovative Chief for Catalyst. I moved to Integrity to work with team Integrity. Jay, Ben and I have been trying to get this deal done. It happened. United will be @ Catalyst West Coast. CHECK THIS OUT.

Now go register here.

My buddy Ben hit me off to this really cool dude who likes to design. Barton worked on this ad for us and turned it in like almost 30 minutes and came up with something as cool as this! We are going to use this ad in the new resource book NEUE. Check out his site. He also rolls deep with my crew from Circadian Rhythm (back in the day).

Last night I was watching the Teen Choice awards. As I was watching, I decided its time for a good old fashion battle. A dance battle! Its time to call somebody out! Okay, I am kidding, but it would be so much fun to have a dance battle. Jay and I VS Ben and Brad. Haha. Today is Hillsong day, so more on that later.

I try to not copy to many posts. But this one from BEN ARMENT was so good, or at least so good to me, I had to post it.

Headed out @ 5 a.m. Going to Atlanta for a couple of days. Jesus Culture conference will be a very interesting experience. Also going to get to hang with Carlos and Ben. Both great guys and can not wait to see what happens when we get to spend some time together. I think Jay and Los are going to make some magic happen…but that is just me.

Days like today suck the creativity right out of you. I mean, it is CRAZY to me how much I got done today and did not even have a chance to get very creative…

A few thoughts tonight:

  • Relish Wisdom
  • Measure your words
  • Live in expanse (how you think, perceive, create)
  • A good & honest life, with discipline is blessed (says so in proverbs)
  • God is OCD about people getting saved – Kevin Cooley
  • Truth breathes life into creativity

Yesterday I got to hang out with a bunch of planters, pastors, and thinkers at the Whiteboard Sessions. Great job Ben. Today, I am off to Maryland to hang out for a recording tonight with Stephen Hurd. I will be at THIS church. Worship yesterday was very cool. I do not doubt tonight we will have a great worship experience as well…but style wise…polar opposites. I feel like I am about to walk back into my old church.

How do we bring more diversity? Color and culture are not the only issues…something I am wrestling with today.

Here is the hotel playlist for The Whiteboard Sessions conference. This is going to be a good time. Props to Steve McCoy on the creation of the list and his rad musical taste. Between Steve and Jay, music mondays will never be the same!

Great tool from Ben to study Twitter. Summize is like technorati for twitts….Dope. Feel free to follow me, HERE.

this tool is great to see what people are talking about: your band, church, you, products…giddy up.

Ben does not care about this…but I think I might love it…

I do love the fonts and colors, and find it interesting to see what people are saying and feeling. Twitter may be the new window to peoples soul.

Check It Out

I think JAY JAY JAY JAY JAY JAY JAY will like this…

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