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My new friend BARTON is pretty amazing. He creates stuff that will blow you away. Here is an example:

Check out his site, or IGNITERMEDIA for more of his dope-ness. Buy some of these products and support great art in the church.

On friday I will announce who won the free ticket to Catalyst West. Don’t forget, you have to pay your way out there, but you will experience an AMAZING event! Email me here:

There is a for sure leader right now, do you have what it takes to knock him/her off the top? Lets go people!

It is fun to watch people who know what they are doing. Like when a band rocks a stage because they are so confident in their song, or a speaker delivers a talk with conviction because he knows that the hope he is sharing is real.

People are scared right now. They are on a DESPERATE search for something to believe in. People want to BELIEVE. I really think God is setting up His church to be a place where people come to be empowered, encouraged, and INSPIRED. Today I found this little site online that put some perspective around the year that is 2009. Check it out.



Where are you finding your inspiration? How are you framing life right now? Are you spreading hope? Inspiration breads production. Being reactive all the time breeds fear. We have the most powerful creative force in the universe on our side, we should not be reacting right now, but pioneering.

So what is your identity?

Do you know who you are? What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses? What do you do well, and what are you still learning?

Great companies, teams, organizations, people, and relationships know their identity. Regardless of who or what you do, there will be times when YOUR THING goes through a rough season. Profits will dip, people will leave, you will struggle, YOUR THING will be tested. The organizations, teams, and people that make it through rough times know their identity.

Have you discovered your identity? Do you know what makes you fight, win, tick? Do you know your strengths and how to maximize them, as well as your weaknesses, and core focus?

know your identity. in tough times. who are you?

So you want to figure our how to create a good experience? LISTEN and care. It is that simple. If you listen you will hear all you need to know, most of the time, to help someone, meet their needs, provide a service, or create a quality experience.

Not rocket science, not even difficult really. Just listen and try to accommodate what you hear (care).

Yesterday I had lunch at a bakery, because they have wi-fi. I ordered Tomato Basil soup, and a grilled cheese sandwich. Not difficult. I order the same thing every time, so I have learned how I need to communicate it to the cashier. Ordering is tricky. Do you want the bowl of soup or the cup? Half sandwich or whole? I have figured it out…so I thought.

I place the normal order, and somehow ended up with a kids sandwich and bowl of soup. Simply, because the person who was listening did not really LISTEN, and probably had something else more important to her on her mind. Also, she forgot to give me my drink cup.

Create the best experiences possible. Become the best church, band, organization, employee, employer, friend, pastor, caretaker, or cashier possible…LISTEN, then care. That simple, that powerful.

The New York times ran a story yesterday about President Obama and the “Prayer Caucus” he has built around him. Much the way he has chosen to attack issues, the President has tapped 5 Christian pastors to lean on for policy, prayer, and conversation. These men, all of whom I have to say are very impressive, admit to being involved with the President.

The most interesting thing about this article is the continued emphasis that is put on “Social Justice.” Not theology. Not political strategy. Not a side of the isle, but the desire to help people experience the meat of Christianity, not just the words. Thats impressive.

Is there a church that is brave enough to send announcements via TEXT and web only? Go green and go paperless?

let me know if someone you know is already doing it. That would be cool.

If you really want to break through all the noise in the world today it is not that hard, make me feel something. If you can touch my emotions you can not only gain my attention, you will actually make me care about you and your cause. If you can make me care, you can have my money, my time, my emotions….

Sirius radio has created this ad highlighting this thought.

2 weeks ago I got to check out Gateway Church. Really amazing. Robert Morris may be one of the best communicators I have heard. I have an entire blog about his sermon, however, I just finally got my mind around one of his thoughts.

Translation vs Interpretation.

When something is translated it is word for word redelivered.

When you Interpret something you put the meaning and the context behind the item being delivered.

The United Nations does not have translators, they have interpreters. Lets be glad they do so that we dont get only half of the meaning of another language or culture when it comes to world affairs.

Unfortunately, at times as Christians, we have become translators of the “Christian Life” as opposed to interpreters. Furthermore, we follow translators and not interpreters. If we are going to impact the world, we have to interpret the love, grace, and mercy of God as opposed to trying to just translate it, because we tend to be really bad translators. Sometimes there are thoughts, or words that can not be translated, only interpreted. Often times we allow the manipulation of translation to effect the impact of interpretation.

So I have tried to cut back the amount of “work” that gets on my blog, but this is to cool not to share. In just over 3 weeks, there has been over 10k views of this video that we created with Kari Jobe. Her record is amazing, and she is TOP shelf. Check it out.

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