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My new friend BARTON is pretty amazing. He creates stuff that will blow you away. Here is an example:

Check out his site, or IGNITERMEDIA for more of his dope-ness. Buy some of these products and support great art in the church.

So this weeks cover of Newsweek states that Christianity is about to drift away in America. The premise is that in the past 20 years America has moved from 86% Christian to 76% Christian, thus it is over.

WELL, tell that to Rick Warren. He personally teaches the new members class at his “Little” church every month. He stated last night on Larry King that on average they have 100-200 people in the class each month. Last month, however, over 2,400 people attended the class and became members. Oh yea, they also had over 800 water baptisms last month.

Surveys can say whatever you want, it is all in how you ask the question. If you think that what we believe is not connecting, do something about it…make it connect…Rick is doing it, and it is working…BIG.

We are not called to the earth to be defeated, we are called to overcome and bring the kingdom to earth. Just sayin.

The cure for religion is relationship. – K Cooley

2 weeks ago I got to check out Gateway Church. Really amazing. Robert Morris may be one of the best communicators I have heard. I have an entire blog about his sermon, however, I just finally got my mind around one of his thoughts.

Translation vs Interpretation.

When something is translated it is word for word redelivered.

When you Interpret something you put the meaning and the context behind the item being delivered.

The United Nations does not have translators, they have interpreters. Lets be glad they do so that we dont get only half of the meaning of another language or culture when it comes to world affairs.

Unfortunately, at times as Christians, we have become translators of the “Christian Life” as opposed to interpreters. Furthermore, we follow translators and not interpreters. If we are going to impact the world, we have to interpret the love, grace, and mercy of God as opposed to trying to just translate it, because we tend to be really bad translators. Sometimes there are thoughts, or words that can not be translated, only interpreted. Often times we allow the manipulation of translation to effect the impact of interpretation.

What is more of a motivating force for YOU? What is it that drives you? Why do you get up in the morning and put yourself out there over and over again? Is it passion? Is it fear? Calling? Success? Are you more scared of succeeding or failing? What does it for you? What is the driving force in your life?

I don’t think most people choose to be homeless. I was walking in a park the other day with a friend and we saw this guy who obviously had just woken up and had spent the night sleeping in the park. He walked past us, with his head down, not looking around, and surly not looking at hope. Interesting take by the National Coalition For The Homeless. I think the church is called to really be the coalition. Lets impact. Homeless might not look exactly like we think. Goodnight.


Remember when we went to school and someone picked on you. You would come back with your “come back” but like 5 hours later you would think of a WAY better come back that you wished you had thought of back in the fight….this kinda feels like that.

So a few months ago I blogged about the atheists who took out a campaign that was anti-God. There was TV coverage and everything.

WELL, here is the christian comeback. To bad we did not do it first, and got good graphics to go with our message. Oh well, “B” for effort. (Props to Ms. Murphy who is not even a church or organization but is mobilizing believers to join the campaign)

I feel for this guy. Someone has hurt this dude. I almost fell off the treadmill this morning when I heard this guy talk about Christmas, Jesus (the idea he is a dictator), and Christianity. Dan Barker is in my prayers today. Everyone is entitled to their belief, but there is no reason to bash another persons belief to try to get your point across. If you do not have time to watch the entire 3:25, jump to 2:30 and hear about how we are “bowing down to a little baby who becomes a dictator.”

Sarah Palin is bold. Obviously by the media hype she is looking for her “next”. Here is a quote I just saw online:

“At this point it is as governor. Now if something shifted dramatically and if it were, if it were acknowledged up there that I could be put to better use for my state in the U.S. Senate, I would certainly consider that but that would take a special election and everything elseā€¦. My life is in God’s hands. If he’s got doors open for me, that I believe are in our state’s best interest, the nation’s best interest, I’m going to go through those doors.”

If Palin does ascend the ranks of government, it will be interesting. I have to say I like the fact she is so bold about what she believes.


Most of America is still “red”. Sure, there are varying degrees of what that conservative position means, but for the most part America still believes in core values. Like any situation it is the extremists, the smaller minority, who are most heard. Case and point, the humanist organization that is doing this campaign. $40k on a bus campaign that does not work. It does not work until every news source writes and reports about it and brings the value of the $40k up into the millions.

So here is the deal. What can we do in our community. What kind of grace, mercy, love noise can we make? It does not have to cost a lot of money, it just needs to be so well executed and so effective that it draws attention beyond its value. Does it mean finding a single mom and doing a home makeover for her? does it mean changing peoples oil for free on a Saturday? Is it giving out food? Find a need in your community, service that need, and watch what happens.

Props to another extremist, Bill O’Reilly for coming up with his own idea. He is giving away the bumper sticker below. There you go pastor friends. Print up some bumper stickers. Insert them in the local new paper. Go give them out at wal mart and the mall. Don’t put the pastors face on them, just something that would communicate to your community. “merry Christmas” or “Its a Merry Chrsitmas in Smallville (insert your town)”. Create a campaign around it and add your website to the back.


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