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I met Ben a few years ago. He was a mega-blogger, a pastor of a cool church up in DC, and a really cool dude. I was a little creative guy at a church in Florida. We exchanged emails and finally got to hang out. Since, Ben has moved to Atlanta and is the Innovative Chief for Catalyst. I moved to Integrity to work with team Integrity. Jay, Ben and I have been trying to get this deal done. It happened. United will be @ Catalyst West Coast. CHECK THIS OUT.

Now go register here.


My buddy Ben hit me off to this really cool dude who likes to design. Barton worked on this ad for us and turned it in like almost 30 minutes and came up with something as cool as this! We are going to use this ad in the new resource book NEUE. Check out his site. He also rolls deep with my crew from Circadian Rhythm (back in the day).

If I have not told you how amazing it is to work at Integrity Music lately, let me take the time to do so now. AMAZING.

I love that every Wednesday morning we have chapel and the owner of our company shares his heart with the staff. Today was so timely and so powerful. First, Carlos led worship for us. Can’t wait to tell you more about that later. Mike began talking about the power of forgiveness. Here are a few notes that I hope will rock your world the same way they rocked mine:

  • There is a terrible downward cycle that follows this order: Expectations that we have about someone or some thing are not met (either your mistreated or you have been wronged) which creates the opportunity to forgive or not to forgive. If we do not forgive, Hurt and Disappointment set in. The state of not forgiving someone then leads to offense. After we are offended, our love grows cold. Once love has grown cold, we move to a state of betrayal, and this is where we break relationship.
  • The watershed moment is not when our expectations are dashed, that WILL happen, it is how we respond and if we choose to forgive. 
  • If we choose to forgive a new cycle starts: Forgiveness and forgiving others leads to Gods power being revealed. When Gods power is revealed, Mercy is released. Mercy always triumphs over judgement. After Gods power is released, we can then move into the Destiny and Purpose God has for that situation. 
  • Love covers transgressions 
  • when you forgive, you have to let whatever “it” is go.
  • You know if you have forgiven by if you still bring “it” up. 
  • The enemy WILL attempt to coax us to re-engage with what we have let go
  • Luke 17 – They asked for more faith, so they could forgive
  • If you do not forgive, YOU can not be set free. Even if you did not do anything in the first place. 
  • When you think of the person that did not meet your expectations, what do you think about? If you think about the letters you wish you would have wrote or the conversation you wish you would have had to set them straight, you have not forgiven. 
  • If you are dwelling on “it” still, you have not forgiven. 
  • You will never achieve your calling until you deal with forgiveness. 
  • Gods promotion comes when he knows you can forgive. 
Again, I freaking love Integrity. 

I would like to introduce you to the FAMILYFORCE5 remix of LET IT OUT by WORTH DYING FOR! (that is way to many caps but I am excited) On Friday night, WDF opened for Casting Crowns. Below you will find a picture of Mark from the crowns rocking his blindfold! Tell me what you think about the remix baby.

Jay posted these, I wanted to share the love. Would love some comments. These are the pilot episodes we have created. We also have a podcast in the works. Enjoy.

I am so blessed to be at a company that cares so much for the purpose of what we do that weekly we meet and have chapel. Here are a few notes from todays session:

  • We faint only if we are not praying
  • Twice in 1 Kings God said something would happen, then waited while Elijah prayed before the spoken manifested.
  • You can shape history through your prayer. (Battle of the bulge look it up!)
  • “God will be relentless to be sure you trust him”
  • Christian life is a symphony not a solo.

What are you praying for today that is only 1 more prayer away? God tells us to knock and to ask…what are you asking for that you have not seen happen yet? Don’t give up, its a timing thing…

WOW. So many emotions today. I am finishing out the month at Calvary, but this is my last official day in the office. Also, the last day of school for my kiddos, last day of official calvary marketing stuff…just have to finish out the month with services. 

Calvary has always held a special place in my heart. It is where I “grew up”. It is where my kids know church to be. It is a place that I have made some great friends, that I hope to know later in life. It is a place of great pleasure and great pain. It is a place of amazing wins and terrible defeats for me. I am excited about the next chapter of life. REALLY excited. However, this is a rough “last day”. There are wounds, hurts, etc. Some people who used to be close are now SO distant. I feel that it could have ended very different, but for some reason (partially my own) this is how it winds up.

Firsts are always more exciting than lasts. First shoulder promise, last shoulder memories. Firsts are about anticipation and potential. Lasts are more about history, conclusions, and periods. To my “friends” it has been fun. I hope you still remember the good times. As for my new crew in Mobile…here we go. Lets make some history.

I have so much more to say, but right now I just can not do it…it is not time. I will have more on this later…stay tuned the adventure is just starting.

What a week! For those who don’t know, and I apologize in advance if this is how you are finding out, Jackie and I will be loading up the kids and all our stuff and moving to Mobile, AL. We have accepted a job @ Integrity music where I will be directing a wonderful marketing department. So this entire week has been spent in Mobile looking for a place to live, schools, trying to meet some people, getting set in and trying to get ready for this life shift that will take place in three weeks. If you have questions call or email me, its all good. 

I did want to leave you with this for today…as I was sitting in chapel on Wednesday morning, the speaker was discussing the need to  be always moving forward as people, organizations and movements. The biggest mistake that can keep us from moving forward is becoming so attached to our methods that we substitute our methods for our practices. Let me explain. Practices are the core of why we do what we do. Methods are the vehicles by which we achieve results. As life moves it is important to make sure that as a person, leader, group, organization, or movement, you are moving forward and influencing new people. As we move forward in life, we have to always hold on to our DNA, our convictions, values, history, and experiences. However, those are part of our practices. What we can not become married to is our methods. Methods should always be changing. How we do what we do needs to continually morph and grow and challenge, and expand. We become comfortable with our methods in success and thus lose the desire or start to think we do not need to continue to look for the next wave of how to do what we do really well. This theory applies across the board, however, churches deal with it the most. Often times methods become traditions or sacred cows.

What methods are you using that stopped working a yesterday, a week ago, a month ago or longer? 12-27 year olds, the “millennial” generation, are the largest population in history. If you want to succeed long term, and leave something that lasts, we had better start asking ourselves how to meet the needs of THAT generation. Enjoy today, celebrate yesterday, change for tomorrow.

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