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Is there a church that is brave enough to send announcements via TEXT and web only? Go green and go paperless?

let me know if someone you know is already doing it. That would be cool.


No one cares. That’s what we have to remember. No one cares about our thing as much as you do. Your service, your product, your brand, no one cares about itvthe way you do.

That’s how you know if you have the right team, the right focus, if they care the same way.

When others start becoming passionate you have won them over and they will start to evangelize for you.

How are you making it easy for people to start to care on an uncommon level?are you giving them the vision? Are they being equiped and empowered? Are you letting go enough for them to fly knowing at times they will crash?

Even though right now no one cares, there are passionate people out there waiting, wanting, and hoping to find something to care about. We care.

Seth Godin:


“Marketing is not the same as advertising. Advertising is a tiny slice of what marketing is today, and in fact, it’s pretty clear that the marketing has to come before the product, not after. As Jon points out, the Prius was developed after the marketing thinking was done. Jones Soda, too. In fact, just about every successful product or service is the result of smart marketing thinking first, followed by a great product that makes the marketing story come true.

If someone comes to you with a ‘great’ product that just needs some marketing, the game is probably already over.”


This applies to churches, conferences, products, series, ideas, and meeting peoples needs. The End.

When was the last time you remember seeing an ad on TV for a dry cleaner? Do you think people in your community could recall when they last saw an ad for a church? What about banks, those spots could not possibly be more forgettable. Enter creativity. Do something in your spot that sets you apart. What is your unique thing. What is the one thing that makes your church, product, event, or thing different than everyone else? SHOWCASE WHAT MAKES YOU UNIQUE. 


I was reading a great article about how CNN plans to change the face of news.coms. More and more people are getting their news online then ever.

Kinda boring stuff for most people I know but this was not boring:
“my hunch is that people go to it more out of habit than they do out of love,” he says. Love, in fact, is exactly what Mr. Estenson is pursuing.

Hmm. People go to church, restaurants, purchase products, support, follow, consume more out of habit then love. Love is the key. Find a way to make your thing LOVABLE. If you get just a few people loving your thing, they will engage others who are not in love, but in habit. You will see growth, increase, development…but you have to make the transition to LOVE.

Moving to love may mean cutting some things that are not lovable. Becoming something people love may be uncomfortable for the status quo in you. It is going to mean you have to find out what your people WANT, not just what they will put up with. Give them what they want, and they will start to fall in Love.

The Association of National Advertisers just held a convention and held a vote to define who the most influential marketers of 2008 have been. The winners are:

1. Barack Obama
2. Apple
3. Zappos


You have to be willing to ask the hard questions, address them, fix the problem to really achieve success. Success is not built on the amount of money you toss at a problem, success is defined by the execution of your plans in correcting a problem. Find the things you are good at, and become great at them, be willing to address your weaknesses and not cover them up or mask them. Surround yourself with people who are better than you at things, so your team can be a monster.

Just some thoughts I had last night when I saw this ad:


Most of America is still “red”. Sure, there are varying degrees of what that conservative position means, but for the most part America still believes in core values. Like any situation it is the extremists, the smaller minority, who are most heard. Case and point, the humanist organization that is doing this campaign. $40k on a bus campaign that does not work. It does not work until every news source writes and reports about it and brings the value of the $40k up into the millions.

So here is the deal. What can we do in our community. What kind of grace, mercy, love noise can we make? It does not have to cost a lot of money, it just needs to be so well executed and so effective that it draws attention beyond its value. Does it mean finding a single mom and doing a home makeover for her? does it mean changing peoples oil for free on a Saturday? Is it giving out food? Find a need in your community, service that need, and watch what happens.

Props to another extremist, Bill O’Reilly for coming up with his own idea. He is giving away the bumper sticker below. There you go pastor friends. Print up some bumper stickers. Insert them in the local new paper. Go give them out at wal mart and the mall. Don’t put the pastors face on them, just something that would communicate to your community. “merry Christmas” or “Its a Merry Chrsitmas in Smallville (insert your town)”. Create a campaign around it and add your website to the back.


My buddy Ben hit me off to this really cool dude who likes to design. Barton worked on this ad for us and turned it in like almost 30 minutes and came up with something as cool as this! We are going to use this ad in the new resource book NEUE. Check out his site. He also rolls deep with my crew from Circadian Rhythm (back in the day).

Eddy sent this to me and told me to blog it. He was right. This is cool!

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