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No one cares. That’s what we have to remember. No one cares about our thing as much as you do. Your service, your product, your brand, no one cares about itvthe way you do.

That’s how you know if you have the right team, the right focus, if they care the same way.

When others start becoming passionate you have won them over and they will start to evangelize for you.

How are you making it easy for people to start to care on an uncommon level?are you giving them the vision? Are they being equiped and empowered? Are you letting go enough for them to fly knowing at times they will crash?

Even though right now no one cares, there are passionate people out there waiting, wanting, and hoping to find something to care about. We care.


3 letters have never been more powerful.
When the status quo says you can not do something, ask “why”?

“We don’t do it that way.” – WHY
“That will never work.” – WHY
“Tradition will buck this idea.” – WHY
“We do not have the resources to pull this off.” – WHY
“It will never work.” – WHY
“You first must do x, y, or z” – WHY

You should never ask WHY out of disrespect, but you should always ask with the desire to achieve something that has never been done. WHY can be powerful. Do not accept the status quo in your life. You deserve more. Your team, church, band, family, and friends deserve more. Your boss and your employees deserve more…so ask WHY.


Excellence happens when you take a LASER FOCUS approach to items and issues. When you are laser focused, nothing else distracts your attention. You do not have to be amazing at everything, the fact of the matter is, very few people can be amazing at everything. If your a very creative person, you might not be the best organizer. If you are a great organizer, chances are your creativity is going to be lacking. Not always, but usually.  But you can be amazing at YOUR thing. What is the thing you do so well that you can focus laser like skills on it and make your mark? 

Now sometimes circumstances do not allow you to be laser focused, so do your best to keep your laser focus and allow your team to help complete the other items. Do your best, be your best. Don’t follow, lead and be the best in your area of leadership.

Why settle for less than the best? Why? Sure it is easy to give up, be passive, become the status quo. But why settle for that? There is MORE for your life! In order to achieve MORE you have to make a few tweaks in your life. You have to choose to make wise and correct decisions. You have to become so resilient that you will not give up. In order to be that resilient you have to develop such a massive vision that you know you HAVE to finish. You have to surround yourself with people who will push you, question you, encourage you, and believe in you. You have to stop doing some things that keep you from being REALLY great in your life. You have to pray, a LOT.

You control your greatness. God has placed such ability in us and it is up to us if we give up on it or not.

Just whats on my mind tonight.

According to a new report I heard this morning on CNN, most people do not like their jobs. Only 40% of men, and 20% of women say that they love their jobs. REALLY! So if your staff is 10 people, only 4 of you love what THEY are doing, and the other 6 could easily do something else (Assuming your have an all male staff). That really sucks. I love what I do. I have been blessed to always have jobs that I could jump head first in and enjoy, well, except for bagging groceries at Winn Dixie when I was 15.

If you do not have a passion for what you are doing, you do not love it, why are you wasting your time? Life is to short! It is time to find that thing you have been created to do and will provide you amazing joy! If you have staff members who do not LOVE what they are doing, you are going to end up pulling them instead of pushing with them. Even worse, if as a leader you are not sending people off into their destiny, then you are holding them back from achieving all that God has for their lives. This cycle also sucks, because you are delaying the next group of leaders that God is entrusting you to train up. Most of the time, people are held back based on manipulation or for the fact they make the organization or leader look really good. LET THEM FLY! Build leaders, people who are better than you are, and let them FLY!

I have been blessed to help a few people in my life achieve something that they had never thought they could do, and it is WAY more rewarding than keeping great people in a position that is just GOOD.

So the long and short of today is this: DO YOU LOVE WHAT YOU ARE DOING? If not, it is time to make a change. NOW GO!

Was catching up with Jay on Friday about our teams, projects, etc and we kept coming back to communication. Misunderstandings probably cause a majority of problems, not really peoples intentions. Then there is the balance of understanding different peoples languages. Some people need affirmation, others need to feel they are part of the team. Some people need to be left alone to find success. It is a funny dynamic. @ Integrity we take personality tests to find out the best ways to communicate with each other and how we are created, best work flow etc. It takes discipline to dig in to how different people work, feel, think, etc…but when you do, you can get the most out of your team, and probably learn some things about yourself. I have learned that not everyone thinks about things the same way that I do (DUH!), and that at times, my intentions and how I communicate them do not line up.

We talk all the time about expectations. We have to manage what people expect versus what we can deliver. This is done through communication. Asking hard questions, being accountable for our words, living up to what is required of us, and each other. TALK IT OUT!

What you do vs who you are. A paradox on some levels. I asked 3 people last week, different people in different stages of life to tell me 4 sentences about themselves. 2 of the 3 just told me things they do. Those are hints at who you are but they are not the REAL you. The real you is who you are deep inside. Interesting concept. With your employees, do you know who they are or what they do? with your kids, your wife/husband, your friends? I want to be about the who more than the what.

A perfect example, JAY KING, I know the who and the what. Who he is ROCKS, what he does is pretty cool too. He lets you in on all of it, cuz he is real.

Figure out some of the who’s this week and not just the whats…..

I try to not copy to many posts. But this one from BEN ARMENT was so good, or at least so good to me, I had to post it.

Today I did some yard work, and hung some stuff up around the house for Jack. Let me assure you, it was a comedy of errors. It took me like 3 hours to get the yard in shape. Seriously, a job a normal man could do in probably an hour 15 tops. (but i can shop a hole in that normal man)

So as I was sweating, getting mad, frustrating myself, I realized the importance of working in your core area. Sure, I CAN do the yard, and at times I enjoy it, but it is not my core. It is not what I was created to do every day. There are people so good at that stuff they can make the yard look like a golf course. mine, more like a hilly mess.

What are you doing every day at your job, mission, calling, life, that you should pass off and not be doing? Do you need to delegate something? What is taking more of your time than it should and what are you neglecting because your not willing to let someone else run with something they are GREAT at doing? The best leaders surround themselves with people that are way better than themselves and then train those people to replace them. I hope I am doing this….are you?

Batman was crazy nuts. Props to jack for hitting the 10:10 show and not getting home till after 1. WELL WORTH IT. Why so serious?

The other night I was driving and thinking, wow, I am hungry. I drove by the same 20 restaurants that I always drive by, but never enter. I started thinking, Outback, Macaroni Grill, …. what do I want. The problem with all of the non-branded restaurants was I did not know what my experience would be. How often do we hang our shingle and just expect people to come in and partake in our experience but we never do some of the things necessary to allow them a chance to taste, or test, or peak into our world before we ask them to commit their time, money, and life in something WE are passionate about?

Beyond this, if someone does brave their way into our experience we speak a foreign language, we act in a way that can not relate to, and we expect them to walk away excited. It just does not happen that way. You have to provide the tools necessary for your VIP guests (which is every guest from homeless to affluent) to make THIER experience amazing. Help them feel comfortable, help them understand what is going on, help them walk away going, wow…that experience was so beneficial for me, I have to go back. After they taste test you 3-5 times, they will then become evangelists for your cause.

All of this is SO intentional. Plan, execute, deliver, provide the most amazing experiences possible.

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