After just 1 week live, and with only blog promotion, our Healer site has received 18 pages of prayer requests and 7 pages of praise reports. We are so encouraged that so many people are sharing their needs, victories, and helping each other. Tonight I received news of a friend who has had hospice called in due to cancer, I am heading over to post his request shortly. I wanted to share a few things from the site. (sidebar: we are praying for these requests as a marketing team on Mondays and in our staff intercession time on Fridays, so they are not just getting posted, there is prayer behind them):


  • Mark Powell: Healed of cancer
  • Joe & Kathy: After 13 years of trying, JD was born
  • Mary: Husband protected from a bombing in Iraq
  • Missy: Restored Marriage 
  • Beverly: Showing this to patients in hospital
  • THERE ARE SO MANY MORE…I am not doing the stories justice, go check them out.
  • Michael: Cancer
  • Lisa: Hard pregnancy 
  • Paul: Restoration 
  • Rob: Set free
  • Bev: Freedom
  • Obviously with 18 pages, I can only list a few. If you are a “prayer warrior” go pick a few names and reach out for them
Thanks for the support. God is moving and people need help!