My friend, Jenni Catron, had a great post about this: Build a brand that your successor will be proud to inherit, not one that they need to blow up and rebuild. I love that concept. Build something that will last for decades. But how? Well, it will not be personality driven, so it is going to have to be developed around a mission and a purpose that is strong enough to stand the test of time. You will need tremendous focus to not get off track when you start to have success. You also will have to be able to impart the DNA of the purpose and the mission into others, so that it can spread through departments, cities, ministries or whatever. Also, your missions statement, the mantra, the filter that you pass everything through, should be so clear, precise, and developed. It must be more than just your filter for decisions, but the test that you measure every move against. (THIS IS A VERY NUTSHELL VIEW, but what I am musing about today)

If you build a brand correctly, it can not only last through your life, but it can generationally pass down, and that is the real strength!