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The New York times ran a story yesterday about President Obama and the “Prayer Caucus” he has built around him. Much the way he has chosen to attack issues, the President has tapped 5 Christian pastors to lean on for policy, prayer, and conversation. These men, all of whom I have to say are very impressive, admit to being involved with the President.

The most interesting thing about this article is the continued emphasis that is put on “Social Justice.” Not theology. Not political strategy. Not a side of the isle, but the desire to help people experience the meat of Christianity, not just the words. Thats impressive.


Do you realize how blessed you are today? You actually get to contribute to who will lead our country for the next 4 years. We are in challenging times, without a doubt, but I have to say I am excited today. I am excited that people are moved. I am excited that we have freedom. I am excited that people care enough to invest time.

Now how do we get them to care about the stuff that matters? Its time to engage these same people who care about hope, change, etc, and get them to care about life, faith, grace, and leaving a REAL impact. That is our challenge for the next 4 years, get people moved to make a difference. Get people to pray. Get people to volunteer. Get people to stop destroying each other and start speaking life over each other! Are you up for the challenge? I know we can do it. We are the greatest in the world, not because we are Americans, but because we are Christians.

(this many people care about voting this morning, and we are not even a battle ground state!)

Tomorrow it goes down. After what feels like 50 years of campaigning, the election is tomorrow. What will CNN, Fox, NBC, etc do for news next week? Here is the thing, this election is big. It is big because it has caused so many people to care.

What you care about is on you, but here is what we have to remember: God is in control, he does not need a president, and he will rule from now till well after our next president runs his course. What we should be focused on is how we put legs on our belief. How do we make such an impact as “THE CHURCH” over the next 4-8 years that by the time we get to vote again, we have made such powerful moves in our communities that the election is less important as the impact of local CHRISTIANS. Start praying. Volunteer. Help someone. Start a ministry. Do something that is not getting done.

I vote for change, hope, faith, love, grace, peace, and mercy. I vote for you. I vote together you and I go out and make an impact. What do you say, you down?

funny how things come and go in life. thoughts, ideas, momentum. for the good and the bad, things are always moving. how do you deal with things? it is really easy to let things overwhelm you. balance the things in your life with faith, balance, health, and what GOD wants for your life. Prayer is the equalizer.

I blogged about my friend David, who I met on a plane earlier this week. Tonight David texted me. He said, you guys must have prayed hard because Dad woke up today. How awesome. This is such an encouraging thing. What are you praying about? I am so happy for David.

Pray for our country. Pray for our leaders to have wisdom. Pray that our nation looks to God for leadership and not to a man. Pray people make the right decisions.

Prayer works.

Found this cool site over at this cool blog. Here is what my blog seems to be about.

We are seeing traffic starting to pick up at our Healer site. Thanks for your help in telling people about this site. I have heard of 3 churches who are making an announcement about this tomorrow at their services.

Friends, there are a few times in your life when you are able to be part of something so much bigger than yourself. This is one of those times. The song Healer, from the new Hillsong record, is touching lives and providing hope and faith to people all over the world. Not to mention God using its to heal. We wanted to figure out how to maximize the effort. This is what we came up with.

We have created THIS WEBSITE. You can log on and ask for prayer. You can also leave a testimony of your healing. God is doing amazing things and this song is part of the process. We need your help. Please, take the time and pass this link on via your email, blogs, smoke signals, carrier pigeon, twitter, however you communicate. We want to see people healed, and we want to celebrate the healing of others. Reading these testimonies is going to provide hope for those who need prayer. Lets do this together. Thank you for your help! I owe you one. 

I am so blessed to be at a company that cares so much for the purpose of what we do that weekly we meet and have chapel. Here are a few notes from todays session:

  • We faint only if we are not praying
  • Twice in 1 Kings God said something would happen, then waited while Elijah prayed before the spoken manifested.
  • You can shape history through your prayer. (Battle of the bulge look it up!)
  • “God will be relentless to be sure you trust him”
  • Christian life is a symphony not a solo.

What are you praying for today that is only 1 more prayer away? God tells us to knock and to ask…what are you asking for that you have not seen happen yet? Don’t give up, its a timing thing…

I am just now getting back to my room. It has been a long day. All night, from the time I got the text in the airport until right at this moment, I can not shake the thoughts, the grief, the agony that the Chapman’s must feel. I want to call them. I want to hug them. I want to wipe the tears…but that is not even an option. I can not imagine what it means to lose like this…I pray for them… CONTINUALLY 

I want to watch the video…but I can’t. I have tried. I tear just thinking about this…In 1 day over 11k comments have been left. I tried to leave my but the server is slammed. God move for this family. Protect Will, keep him safe, touch his mind and his heart. Mary Beth and Steven…just prayers…Thank you God for mercy and grace.

Please pray for the Chapmans. They are going through a very difficult season of life and need your prayer, God’s comfort, and a peace that passes any understanding. There are no words for the emotions. There is no way to even fathom the pain. Lift them up today, even if you do not know them…

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