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Game recognizes game, or so I have heard.

Carlos is the blog master fresh! He rules all the social networks.

Israel is the worship master fresh! He rules the stage when leading worship.

Friday @ 5 est on RAGAMUFFINSOUL.COM you can peep the new Israel video for Just Wanna Say…

Im Just saying.



Carlos Whitt, blogger supreme, wrote this post today about his adopted son. This is a self serving post for me because just last weekend I had the same thoughts racing through my mind as we celebrated Isaiah’s 6th birthday. If you have not been adopted, or adopted a child, you probably do not understand the full effects of these emotions. Happy Birthday Zaya…and Losiah

It is days like today that I think of her.
And I know, she is thinking of you.
She is wondering what you are doing.
She is wondering how you are.
I am wondering what she is doing.
I am wondering how she is.
Today is the day that my heart is so full it is about to pound out of my chest.
Today is a day that her heart may be deflated and in need of filling.
Today we are going to eat some cake and you are going to watch American Gladiator reruns on my lap.
Today she will probably eat some kimchi and pray that you are taken care of.
Today I will speak to you in English.
Today she will remember you in Korean.
So you know what son?
I am going to make you a promise.
For as long as I can call you mine, we will remember her.
We will remember the bravest lady in the world who allowed her life to become incomplete in order for my life to become complete.
I am going to spill tears on the back of your head as I let you fall asleep on my chest tonight.
And I will think of her.
Because in a really strange way,
I love her just as much as I love you.
Happy Birthday Losiah.

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