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I love the Underdogs. You know, the people who are not supposed to make it? The screw ups. The bad news bears. THESE ARE MY PEOPLE. Even more fun is the “Perceived Underdogs”. Perceived Underdogs are Underdogs because they are not understood, or they are underestimated. Right now, I feel like Christians are “Perceived Underdogs”. But guess what…the upset is coming.

I LOVE THIS IDEA RIGHT HERE! Servolution. And I think it is SO DOPE that churches all over the countries have joined the Servolution. I have been getting Texts and Tweets from friends who are partaking. From FREE BREAKFAST in Nasvhille, to a STRIP CLUB MINISTRY in the ATL…Christians are passing on guilting people into salvation and are actually getting into peoples lives and living the love.

Matthew says: Love God and Love Others. Stop making it hard. Stop making it about you. Stop making it about our thing. LOVE PEOPLE. Love them early, love them often, keep loving them even when you get successful. Love them when they disappoint you. Love them when they win Love them when they lose. When they screw up and and they get it right….LOVE THEM. Love…thats all


Tonight in the ATL a pastor who is crazy is going to start a revival week on a campus for 3 of the most influential HBU’s in our country. I love that he is crazy enough to ask for what some people think would be impossible. I love even more that we were able to help. I will share some video after the event tonight. If you don’t know, THIS CHURCH IS DOPE. Tonight they are going to challenge these students to be THE ONE. THE ONE who can change the world just by changing something in THIER OWN WORLDS.

I have never met Shaun in person, only via blog, twitter, and email. I had not met Traci till she arrived at the Roxy to shoot the video. All this came together because of creativity, technology, and a willingness to do whatever it takes to reach a generation. I can not wait to share the video with you when Shaun sends it to me.



Seriously. @ShaunKing messes me up with his blog and his life. We have to do something about THIS. Every little bit will help. LOOK @ THAT PICTURE. SERIOUSLY. LOOK @ IT! Those are lives. Click here to do something. If we do not do something…THEY WILL DIE!


@ShaunKing has a challenge for the people of Atlanta. Check it here and take the challenge. DOPE idea. Courageous.TV is going to be one dope church. I dig this dude.

I have a new blog friend. Shaun is a guy who is out to change the world. Shaun is the pastor at Courageous.TV a church plant in Atlanta. Courageous launches January 11, 2009. But why wait till you get your church officially started before you start impacting your community. Shaun and his team are trying to donate 500 uniforms and 500 toys to a local public school FOR CHRISTMAS! As of about an hour ago, they are at 83% of goal. Will you help? They have the uniforms, they just need a couple hundred toys. $15 buys a kid a toy. Wont you give a kid something that they wont have without you?

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