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Tonight in the ATL a pastor who is crazy is going to start a revival week on a campus for 3 of the most influential HBU’s in our country. I love that he is crazy enough to ask for what some people think would be impossible. I love even more that we were able to help. I will share some video after the event tonight. If you don’t know, THIS CHURCH IS DOPE. Tonight they are going to challenge these students to be THE ONE. THE ONE who can change the world just by changing something in THIER OWN WORLDS.

I have never met Shaun in person, only via blog, twitter, and email. I had not met Traci till she arrived at the Roxy to shoot the video. All this came together because of creativity, technology, and a willingness to do whatever it takes to reach a generation. I can not wait to share the video with you when Shaun sends it to me.



If you care about the future of the “Christian” church. if you care about the poor. If you care about making a difference with your life, watch these videos and contemplate on how you can do something to affect the world you live in…if we are “Christians” than we better start living like this rock star.

If you are a pastor, you work in the ministry, or you have any desire to be a leader for our “cause”, PLEASE watch this and help take part. Talk about the injustice. Educate on the ability for us to change the world…REALLY change the world. Changing the world is so much more than a sermon, a congregation, a title. Changing the world is about living GRACE.


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