Something that I found as an interesting concept. Imagine you walk up to a house. Every room of the house has a window. As you approach, you want to find out what is happening inside the house. What is up? What is going on with this family? What do they do and how do they act? 

So if I look in the kitchen window a get a picture of the goings on of the home through that perspective. I may see meals being prepared, homework being done, or groceries being put up. However, that view does not let me know what is up in the study or on in the garage. 

I think sometimes our lives are like this. We look through our little window and we think that the entire world is working like the kitchen, when really there is reconstruction being done in the garage, there is a cleansing being done in the bathroom, there is a warm fire and games being played in the study.

Don’t be afraid to take a step back and check out life through other windows. Ask some questions about the other rooms. Get the full picture of the house. 

I honestly don’t do this enough, but I am committed to pursuing the view of  the entire house and all the activities in the house. I want to know about the entire life that makes the house, not just the one window I am looking through.