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Most of you are believers, some are even pastors. This is just a reminder.

I got an email today. It was from my Dad. He had to go to Wal Mart. He saw this guy, and gave the man some money. By the way…

the man was a soldier, he fought for your freedom and mine
he is the son of a mother and father
he may be a brother to someone
he could be a dad
he is asking for money to get him to Monday. Living for Monday when his veterans check arrives. Just enough to get through. Nothing luxurious, just a meal.

“Anyone who sets himself up as a believer by talking a good game is self-deceived. this kind of believer is full of hot air and only hot air. A real believer, the kind that pass muster before God the Father believes: to reach out to the homeless and loveless in their plight, and guard against corruption from the godless world.” :: James 1:26-27

Not your church. Not your ministry. Not your friend. Not your family. What have YOU done? What have I done? Lets make JUSTICE WORK!


So the drive for 500 toys and 500 uniforms came to an end last night. And EVERY goal was met. Pretty awesome.

Here is what I love about this:

  1. There was a church involved but they have not even had their first service yet, EVER! 
  2. Without any direct mail, telemarketing, or one dime spent on this entire campaign, people from every race, sex, political persuasion, sexual orientation, and even several faiths came together to be a very real blessing in the lives of some of the most beautiful kids you will ever meet in the world right here in downtown Atlanta. – Shaun King, pastor
  3. $20,000 + dollars in roughly 30 days. 

This proves to me a few things. It proves to me that we have hope. We have hope as a country, we have hope as Christians. We are not all nuts. We can impact our own worlds. “THE POWER OF ONE” is real. 

This makes for a happy firday

I have a new blog friend. Shaun is a guy who is out to change the world. Shaun is the pastor at Courageous.TV a church plant in Atlanta. Courageous launches January 11, 2009. But why wait till you get your church officially started before you start impacting your community. Shaun and his team are trying to donate 500 uniforms and 500 toys to a local public school FOR CHRISTMAS! As of about an hour ago, they are at 83% of goal. Will you help? They have the uniforms, they just need a couple hundred toys. $15 buys a kid a toy. Wont you give a kid something that they wont have without you?

Came across Aaron Iveys blog yesterday and have not had time until right now to post about this guy. Go read his stuff. He and his wife are adopting from Haiti, but the orphanage is in big trouble. You can go HERE to give to the cause. Jackie and I are giving. Having grown up in Haiti, I know the poverty, the conditions, the life…I pray for these people, and for the orphanage.

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