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On friday I will announce who won the free ticket to Catalyst West. Don’t forget, you have to pay your way out there, but you will experience an AMAZING event! Email me here:

There is a for sure leader right now, do you have what it takes to knock him/her off the top? Lets go people!



I met Ben a few years ago. He was a mega-blogger, a pastor of a cool church up in DC, and a really cool dude. I was a little creative guy at a church in Florida. We exchanged emails and finally got to hang out. Since, Ben has moved to Atlanta and is the Innovative Chief for Catalyst. I moved to Integrity to work with team Integrity. Jay, Ben and I have been trying to get this deal done. It happened. United will be @ Catalyst West Coast. CHECK THIS OUT.

Now go register here.

My friend Ben has been working with Jay and I for a while to get things lined up, and here it is: CATALYST WEST featuring United.

Wish I could experience what God is doing @ Catalyst08.

For those of you, like me, who could not make it this year. Check THIS out.

Last night I was watching the Teen Choice awards. As I was watching, I decided its time for a good old fashion battle. A dance battle! Its time to call somebody out! Okay, I am kidding, but it would be so much fun to have a dance battle. Jay and I VS Ben and Brad. Haha. Today is Hillsong day, so more on that later.