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(I have been down and out with pneumonia for the last few days. Please excuse the lack of consistency. I am still sick, steroids and meds are starting to kick in, kinda)

Today is March 29. March 28 marks the birthday of not only my brother, but also my main homey Isaiah. Seriously, this kid is next level. I am so thankful to have him in my life. I would do anything for him. I felt this was the perfect blog to come back on, even if I am a day late.


**An Open Letter To Isaiahs Birth-Mom**

7 years ago you did the most selfless thing I can imagine. You put your emotions, feelings, and heart on the line for the betterment of your blood. Thank you for being strong enough, courageous enough, and willing to probably always wonder why, who, what….

It has been 7 years. We think you named him Gage, but we knew we had to call him Isaiah. He is the bomb. He lights up our lives. Thank you for the songs he writes, the dances he creates, the bad jokes he tells, and the life he gives us. He wants to grow up to be a pastor, or a train conductor, depending on the day.

He is very sensitive. He cares a lot about others. He loves family and protects his sisters. Sometimes he asks about you and we honor you for what you did. We explain that it was not easy, and you did it for his best. He lives a good life now. Its not extravagant but he has more than a lot of kids, and based on what we know, he probably is exposed to a different lifestyle. We do our best to keep him connected culturally to his roots, and he is excited the “President Obama is the 44th President and he looks like me.”

We will never be able to repay you for the love you have gifted our family. We pray for you and we know God honors you for doing what you did. I am not sure if there is any type of guilt or other emotion that comes with what you did, but regardless, we thank you.

Isaiah turned 7 yesterday. He had a “Holiday” birthday with Easter eggs and a Christmas cake. He is a unique boy. He loves to be at home, he runs fast, and he lives life to its fullest. Thank you for what you did, but more than that, thank you for HIM. Peace.


i heard a talk the other day and the speaker made a comment that was an amazing perspective to embrace. Only 40 short years ago, RACISM was the biggest social people issue. It was a dividing, religious, and polarizing debate that would tear people to the core.  I was not around, but I can remember even in the 80’s hearing people say that we could never have a black president. The events of the past year have shown that while RACISM still exists, we are making strides to bring people of different colors together. 

Here is the encouraging word, ABORTION is todays social people issue. If in 40 short years our country could begin to cross the divide of color, I have hope that over the next 40 years we can create a bridge to helping erase this issue. We can do it, if we try. 

Simply put, if in 4o years we can start to recover from the war of race, maybe in the next 40 years we can recover from the war over life. Racism, just like abortion, has been a life issue.

Came across Aaron Iveys blog yesterday and have not had time until right now to post about this guy. Go read his stuff. He and his wife are adopting from Haiti, but the orphanage is in big trouble. You can go HERE to give to the cause. Jackie and I are giving. Having grown up in Haiti, I know the poverty, the conditions, the life…I pray for these people, and for the orphanage.


Carlos Whitt, blogger supreme, wrote this post today about his adopted son. This is a self serving post for me because just last weekend I had the same thoughts racing through my mind as we celebrated Isaiah’s 6th birthday. If you have not been adopted, or adopted a child, you probably do not understand the full effects of these emotions. Happy Birthday Zaya…and Losiah

It is days like today that I think of her.
And I know, she is thinking of you.
She is wondering what you are doing.
She is wondering how you are.
I am wondering what she is doing.
I am wondering how she is.
Today is the day that my heart is so full it is about to pound out of my chest.
Today is a day that her heart may be deflated and in need of filling.
Today we are going to eat some cake and you are going to watch American Gladiator reruns on my lap.
Today she will probably eat some kimchi and pray that you are taken care of.
Today I will speak to you in English.
Today she will remember you in Korean.
So you know what son?
I am going to make you a promise.
For as long as I can call you mine, we will remember her.
We will remember the bravest lady in the world who allowed her life to become incomplete in order for my life to become complete.
I am going to spill tears on the back of your head as I let you fall asleep on my chest tonight.
And I will think of her.
Because in a really strange way,
I love her just as much as I love you.
Happy Birthday Losiah.

Peep this article from Lou Engle. I met Lou several years ago and am excited to be part of how God is using him in these times. Here is his article on Alabama: Alabama

For three years, the Lord has led me to pray for Alabama.  The burden was born out of a dream in which I was digging for the wells of revival, and I hit an obstruction. |When I dug around the obstruction, I found bones. Inscribed on the bones was Alabama.  I knew from the dream that Alabama was key to revival in America, however there were things hidden that needed to be prayed through for the breakthrough to come.  

The bones of Alabama, I believe, speak of the historic calling on the state as a forerunner for justice in America. They also speak of hidden issues that must be repented of that affect the whole nation.  It is my conviction that TheCall in Montgomery is pivotal for a great turning in America.  

In solemn assembly before the Lord, we are calling for repentance for the shedding of the innocent blood of African American slaves, racism (Montgomery – the first capitol of the confederate states), lynching, and the killing of innocent children and many others who laid down their lives for Civil Rights. But, we also believe that those who suffer the most and can still forgive receive redemptive authority to lead the nation.  We believe a new company of African American voices, birthed out of fasting and prayer, will lead the parade of history in bringing freedom from poverty in the inner cities and lead the way to the ending of abortion and movements of adoption in this nation.  

On the 40th year anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King, we want to cry out to God for a new prophetic mantle to fall on Alabama and its people to bring forth spiritual awakening and justice and, in particular, proclaiming with the clearest voice, “Let my people go!”  I believe that out of this gathering, a human life amendment could be brought forth, much like the voting amendment that was born out of the civil rights movement in 1964.  From this gathering, we will call on God for fasting and prayer movements to explode through the inner cities of Alabama and our nation that can alone shift atmospheres and restore city streets with dwellings.  

So, it is to Montgomery we go on April 5th declaring, “We have a dream!”  We have a dream that abortion can end.  We have a dream for reformation in our cities, and we have a dream that National Revival can be ignited that will transform a nation.  

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