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In life we pass mile markers. Some recognize these as points in the process for what they are, mile markers. Unfortunately, some people see mile markers as finish lines. As they pass a marker, they slow down. They stop working as hard. They think they have lost, or worse that they have won, yet there is still so much in front of them. Some people pass a mile marker and they quit.

From projects to organizations, personal to professional, goals to achievement, you have to be able to define a mile marker and tell the difference between a mile marker and the finish line. When you start the race you should know where the finish line is, and what it looks like. Then, as you pass mile markers you will know how to regulate your speed, how much ground you need to make up, how to pace yourself and your staff. Mile markers allow you to quantify momentum. Mile markers are awesome, they are IMPORTANT, but they are not finish line.

The saddest thing I see is when people have so much further to go, so much more potential, the ability to make history, and they slow up when they pass a mile marker thinking the race is over. Keep running, never quit, do not settle for the GOOD mile marker when the GREAT mile marker is the finish line!



The other day I wrote about the power of a blog and how important I feel it is to say something and maximize your sphere of influence. Jay has a cool blog. Here is a picture of a comment on his blog from a 55+ year old reader who has just started to check into Jays blog. This reader also happens to be his mom.

Some people get it. Some do not. Having a blog is not the point. Using technology, your resources, the elements you have around you to build momentum for “your thing” IS the point. What a shame it would be if you stayed in your comfort zone and missed your moment because you did not want to stretch a little bit. Are you using the language of the community around you or are you expecting your community to learn your dialects? What tools are you not maximizing and why? Will it take a change in your routine or a stretch to maximize your reach, maybe…and it just might be worth doing…”im just sayin”

Have a great weekend.

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