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(I have been down and out with pneumonia for the last few days. Please excuse the lack of consistency. I am still sick, steroids and meds are starting to kick in, kinda)

Today is March 29. March 28 marks the birthday of not only my brother, but also my main homey Isaiah. Seriously, this kid is next level. I am so thankful to have him in my life. I would do anything for him. I felt this was the perfect blog to come back on, even if I am a day late.


**An Open Letter To Isaiahs Birth-Mom**

7 years ago you did the most selfless thing I can imagine. You put your emotions, feelings, and heart on the line for the betterment of your blood. Thank you for being strong enough, courageous enough, and willing to probably always wonder why, who, what….

It has been 7 years. We think you named him Gage, but we knew we had to call him Isaiah. He is the bomb. He lights up our lives. Thank you for the songs he writes, the dances he creates, the bad jokes he tells, and the life he gives us. He wants to grow up to be a pastor, or a train conductor, depending on the day.

He is very sensitive. He cares a lot about others. He loves family and protects his sisters. Sometimes he asks about you and we honor you for what you did. We explain that it was not easy, and you did it for his best. He lives a good life now. Its not extravagant but he has more than a lot of kids, and based on what we know, he probably is exposed to a different lifestyle. We do our best to keep him connected culturally to his roots, and he is excited the “President Obama is the 44th President and he looks like me.”

We will never be able to repay you for the love you have gifted our family. We pray for you and we know God honors you for doing what you did. I am not sure if there is any type of guilt or other emotion that comes with what you did, but regardless, we thank you.

Isaiah turned 7 yesterday. He had a “Holiday” birthday with Easter eggs and a Christmas cake. He is a unique boy. He loves to be at home, he runs fast, and he lives life to its fullest. Thank you for what you did, but more than that, thank you for HIM. Peace.


Very few people understand what it is like to have their parents exposed to the world. Pastors kids do on some level, politicians, athletes, leaders, celebrities, you get the point. This is a classy move by the daughters, BUSH.

BOTH SIDES, take your shots. “Bush…” and now “Obama…” but these are people. Walk in grace. Walk in love. Have respect. Support them. Pray for them. Thank you Bush family for your years of service to our country. Thank you Obama family for accepting the enormous task of leading us now.

The other day I wrote about the power of a blog and how important I feel it is to say something and maximize your sphere of influence. Jay has a cool blog. Here is a picture of a comment on his blog from a 55+ year old reader who has just started to check into Jays blog. This reader also happens to be his mom.

Some people get it. Some do not. Having a blog is not the point. Using technology, your resources, the elements you have around you to build momentum for “your thing” IS the point. What a shame it would be if you stayed in your comfort zone and missed your moment because you did not want to stretch a little bit. Are you using the language of the community around you or are you expecting your community to learn your dialects? What tools are you not maximizing and why? Will it take a change in your routine or a stretch to maximize your reach, maybe…and it just might be worth doing…”im just sayin”

Have a great weekend.

Today has been a GR8 family day. Woke up this morning, did my 2nd least favorite thing in the world, YARD WORK, but knew the kids were going to have fun. We visited a friend with a pool today. Let me tell you, my kids are fish. I have been looking to catch a creative rhythm and knew the pool would be the place to work out the camera and maybe catch a few digital memories. After that, a little Chic Fil A nugget love, and now I am settling in and praying for God to perform a miracle for my Hurricanes. Go enjoy the people you care about today, it makes is SO worth breathing.

Music is the example for this blog, but the reality is this theory can apply across the board to your life, business, church, etc. In a social culture in which everyone and everything is competing for top billing in your life, and the lives of others, attention is the commodity. 

For musicians retail is shrinking right before our eyes. The digital world is not growing at the same rate of speed as the shrinking physical market. Radio is rumored to be vanishing. Print is on life support. Web and web 2.0 are the rulers of the universe. But nothing beats the combination of a live event and great follow up to that via community. Attention. You have to get it…and the best way is to marry all your resources and provide a service that is going to WOW people. This is you chance to do something different and something people will never forget. Combine a great live event (and a lot of them), with a blog, a great facebook/myspace, a digital download card, tshirt, twitter follow, email blast, etc. Get people talking about your “brand”. Shows or worship events are SO important. The live element can not be replaced or duplicated. Being in front of crowds from 10 – 10,0000 reap rewards when you are looking for longevity. A digital universe was supposed to make our lives simple, but the reality is, you have to work harder now than ever…just different.

The box has been tossed out. From churches, to local business, the starving artist, to U2…everyone is fighting for attention…what are you doing to get it and how are you maximizing it and keeping it once you have garnished the allusive attention?

Headed to Nashville today. We have a 2 hour presentation to our distribution company coming up tomorrow so I will post some pictures from sound check and the event. Don’t forget to head over to Joel Auge’s myspace and vote for his album cover.

Finally, make sure that when attention is involved you keep yours on the right things in life. God, family, friends…time is also a great commodity and you don’t have and endless supply. Make sure you invest your time in something lasting. Thanks for the blog support. TTYL

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