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It is interesting to me to see how people “label” us in life. We get labeled by our jobs, the people we work with, mistakes we have made, victories we have achieved, the setting for which we meet people, etc. The funniest thing is, usually none of those things are the real YOU, or the real me for that matter. Those labels are not who we are.

Beyond that thought, how do You see You? Do you see yourself for how God created you? Do you see what he sees, or are you caught up in how you THINK people see you?

We have to strive to find that true identity for which we have been created. That person behind our masks that have the heart of God and are what HE says, wants, and created. If we could define ourselves by that yardstick, it would remove a lot of the disfunction of our lives.

Think about how massive a stretch it would be for you to believe your teenage daughter was going to be a mother and that the child she was giving birth to was the savior of the universe. Not only that, but also, that she was still a virgin. Okay, so that is the background. This story is a unique story. Your story is also very unique. The amazing thing about both your story and the story of Mary is the fact that normal people can embrace abnormal situations and produce amazing results. What is your story? How unique is your story? Or maybe the unique thing about your story is how normal it is and how great your situation is right now…either way, what are you doing with what you got?

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