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So with just 1 day left in 08, we probably wont see a change in the lead. Here are the top 4 posts of 2008 at my little blog. Thanks for tuning in, I can not wait for 2009.


It is always amazing to watch an artist grow. Right now we are in a growth process at Integrity and have a few worship leaders who are just starting their careers. It is fun to watch these young artists find out who they are, to help them develop, and to help them find their audience.

Today was the street day for JOEL AUGE! Joel has been climbing the iTunes chars all day long and is currently holding it down @ number 12! What a great debut. He will for sure be a top 10 record by the end of the week. I love Joel Auge. This is a guy who you will love to. DO NOT SLEEP ON THIS RECORD PEOPLE. Joel Auge - So Deep In Love - Single - So Deep In Love

Yesterday I had a realization, right now my church, the people are am supposed to speak to, usually live inside the music industry. Yesterday we had a meeting with a new friend at Sony. As we spoke about records and projects, healing broke into our agenda. From release dates and hit songs we moved into fear and family history. Say what you will, God showed up in that corner office on the 26th floor overlooking Manhattan and as we deposited hope into 1 persons soul, and left music behind to help our friend along the way. The business of music was removed and the ministry, love, and compassion of a Healer was revealed. THAT is one of the reasons why I love what I do! Yesterday we accomplished something.

Also, check out Xanga is a cool social network that has some really interesting blogging features. In addition, they have started a faith based portal called rev-life.

Don’t forget to go to click here for iTunes and buy the new Lincoln Brewster single. In just 1 day, we are already charting at number 3 on the singles chart. This is a land speed record for Integrity!

So I posted back in May about Lincolns new single: Today Is The Day. This is a song about hope. Well, now you can buy it on iTunes. Single is live today. We have had a great 2 week run up to radio so far. We will be the most added song @ AC radio this week. I will post a link today (as soon as itunes has it updated). But if you go to iTunes, click Christian & Gospel, you can not miss it…ENJOY. (ps i can not get the pic to work cuz this hotel is ghetto fab)

The team is all over the place. Jay is across the pond working it out for us, and Chris and I are in NYC. We are staying in Times Square. I LOVE NY. Like REALLY love it. I told jackie that when the kids move out, we are going to have to move here for at least a year. You just meet so many different people. There is not a bigger canvas for prayer in the world than NY. If you feel you are an agent of hope, come here, cuz these people are looking for some hope.
Yesterday we met with TuneCore. If you want to sell your audio (sermons, music, speeches, etc) TuneCore is the way to go. They can get you anywhere you need or want to be. They are the premiere firm for distributing to all the major online stores. They make it cheap and easy.
Now it is your job to philosophically wrestle with if you are to sell your “goods” or not. To my pastor friends, I say no, but thats on you. Free is the new .99 cents.
Also had dinner with some of our Sony team last night.
Back at it this morning, then headed home tonight. This was a quick trip.

This is big for Joel Auge and Integrity. We are this weeks iTunes Download Discovery. Traditionally, this will equate to over 200k downloads. Go check out the song for free!

Here is the hotel playlist for The Whiteboard Sessions conference. This is going to be a good time. Props to Steve McCoy on the creation of the list and his rad musical taste. Between Steve and Jay, music mondays will never be the same!

Today, WORTH DYING FOR has its freshman album released to the public. We have been working hard on this record and so far so good. Pre-Sales are strong, and as of this moment (12:13 cst) WDF is the number 9 album on the itunes Christian top album download chart. BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP! THank you to the new readers who have jumped on in the past few weeks, we are averaging pretty solid numbers but lets mobilize. I need you to CLICK HERE and share this e-Card with your friends. Now, all you super sleuths out there, no top secret stuff kids, just worship music…SO ENJOY & SHARE WITH YOUR FRIENDS! Thanks for helping us expose these kids to the world, WDF has a call to lead young people and college students to worship.

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