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Is there a church that is brave enough to send announcements via TEXT and web only? Go green and go paperless?

let me know if someone you know is already doing it. That would be cool.

Did you catch Oprah’s Big Give last night? WOW. What a moving show. Now the actual production of the show was weak, but the stories are AMAZING. What a concept, give to other people. Learn to OUT GIVE. Give more than you can imagine. Give till it hurts.A few thoughts:

  • there are hurting people, EVERYWHERE. Lets help them.
  • everyone can do something to make the world a better place. that is actually what it means to bring the kingdom to earth.
  • people are moved. people want to help. people care they just need to know where the need is @
  • none of this stuff was done to build a kingdom. 
  • it will be about 3 weeks before churches start a new series “The Big Give” where they take Oprahs idea and do it to gain publicity for their churches. This is cool but what is the motive? how do you follow it up? 
  • how do you make it apart of your culture not just a once a year gig?
  • should it even be about publicity? 
  • is this a biblical principal in practice?
  • Should we live the Big Give?
I love the premise and idea. I will get some hate mail about this post. Thus is life.

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