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“Change” is popular right now. Politicians, life, economy, everyone wants a change. Today, I remembered why I REALLY love change.

Today I downloaded the new version of iTunes. Millions of iPhones, iPods, iWhatevers and they all use the same platform. Why would iTunes need to make changes? Why update? Why freak with a great product that people are already happy using? Because that is where innovation lives. That is how you stay over the top and out in front. You can not rest on being happy with just the success that you have when you KNOW there is more. There is always more.

What is your product? A service, a church, a program, a band, a formula, a method, a store, a website or even a blog….all opportunities to settle for good when GREAT is just one more change, one more thought, one more idea away. When things are working do you stay with the formula in fear that you might upset the status quo or are you willing to change things to make them better? If things are slipping, are you willing to try something new, and maybe even something crazy that will allow you to grow into uncharted waters? Change is SO massively important. Being willing to change is the trigger that births creativity, innovation, and all the NEW that is out there for you to conquer. What can you change to develop some new results? What is the one change that is holding you where you are and keeping you from where you are supposed to be!!


I think that they would. Here are 2 churches that have done some crazy stuff:

First: GUTS CHURCH in Tulsa, OK held their 8th Annual Tougher Than Hell motorcycle rally. How about a church service for bikers where you have a “Bad Company” concert? Could this be church? They gave away a custom Harley and a Ford Mustang. Church? well, over 1500 bikers, hundreds made a commitment to Christ, and over 300k dollars was raised for charity. That is embracing culture.

Second: Hillsong Church London. Now the concept of the apple ad is not revolutionary, it is kinda played, however, when the intro video rolls and starts showing the function of the site and the ability to empower not just your life, but your engagement in church…thats not just dope, it is amazing. Make sure you watch the video!

Impacting culture is not about ‘being cool, hip, or relevant’. Sure, some of those things may happen, but being culturally relevant is about taking things that happen in your culture and transforming them into opportunities to affect those in your world. Don’t get caught up copying others, chasing cool, or being consumed with the new. Figure out your audience and talk to them. Maybe your audience is not as cool as you think….

So MTV decided to try something new, a night of music videos. FNMTV is a “new idea”, but is that not why they started in the first place? Props to MTV for getting back to music, the public have been begging for music. Sure, The Hills, etc…big money makers, but what about the music. The music is what created MTV. It is, MUSIC TELEVISION. Good move by MTV. Now watch them and see how this move impacts culture. You can also see what the people you experience life with are consuming daily via music. Don’t stick your head in the sand, more people that you know are watching this stuff than you think.

What if you had planned a womens conference for this weekend? Sex In The City.. The movie is going to gross over 55 million dollars this weekend and with a very hopeful down week for Indian Jones, could easily be the number 1 film in the country. Rather than boycott, talk junk, trash, etc the film…what if churches would have @ least had a ladies night and embraced the culture. Sex In The City party, conference, breakfast… Just an idea, could be a cool outreach. It is not to late, the movie will stay hot for the next 30 days and there is always the DVD release. If you found a real die hard fan, you probably could even pull some clips out of the years of shows and use them to promote the event, preach on the subject matter, and help women understand the value they have without the lifestyle of the 4 women centered in the film. There are a million ideas that can spin off of this thread…

Reading INC today and came across an article about how the creative forces in culture stay creative. Here is the list:

  • Get Multicultural
  • Provide Lots Of Free Time To Think
  • Encourage Risky Behavior
  • Hire Smart
  • Write It Down
  • Bring In Outsiders
  • Do What You Do For Free
  • Be Flexible, VERY flexible
  • Mix Up Your People
LOVE THIS LIST! if you are trying to create a culture of creativity in your organization a few of these ideas could revolutionize your world. You have to know you are in the box, before you can ever get out of the box. Also, no one is ever as cool as they think they are, so be willing to accept outside ideas. Marry the BEST idea, not YOUR idea. 

Facebook is undergoing a redesign, (probably biting the redesign by TONY MORGAN). One of the primary reasons Facebook is undergoing the overhaul is complaints that it is to hard to use and “it is getting to much like MySpace. Interesting. Not trying to be like the leader in the field, but dive into the Blue Ocean and find out what is specific and unique to Facebook users and fans.

It is interesting to see how business cultures are created. the culture is so much bigger than the dress code or work hours. what are you developing? are you corporate or family? It is fun to watch cultures change as leadership changes as well. I love it. the culture you create will determine the dna of your product (or service). 

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