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It is fun to watch people who know what they are doing. Like when a band rocks a stage because they are so confident in their song, or a speaker delivers a talk with conviction because he knows that the hope he is sharing is real.

People are scared right now. They are on a DESPERATE search for something to believe in. People want to BELIEVE. I really think God is setting up His church to be a place where people come to be empowered, encouraged, and INSPIRED. Today I found this little site online that put some perspective around the year that is 2009. Check it out.



Where are you finding your inspiration? How are you framing life right now? Are you spreading hope? Inspiration breads production. Being reactive all the time breeds fear. We have the most powerful creative force in the universe on our side, we should not be reacting right now, but pioneering.

Lately it seems there have been a lot of areas we have gotten it wrong. I am proud to show you an example of when we have gotten it right.


Addiction Sucks.

As you may have heard, the rest of the Healer story is alive and well on the internet. There are a lot of reasons why people fall, but addiction is one of the reasons. Addictions can become obsessions in our lives. I think that the devil uses addictions to create strongholds in peoples lives and keep them in bondage so they can not be used the way God has always intended.

I have been addicted before. Addiction starts as a small thing that you believe will only hurt you, but usually ends up hurting a lot of people, and usually the people you care about the most. Addiction causes you to change course, change directions, sacrifice, and ends up destroying the purpose and destiny of your life. I am SO glad that God chooses to use broken, bad, un-perfect people to do his works. If He did not, He may as well hit the delete button on humanity and start over.

Pray for all those involved with addiction. In the case that surounds the worship community right now, it is obviously more than just addiction. The song Healer was a cry for help. It was desperation begging for forgiveness, hope, freedom, sanity, and oxygen. If you have ever recovered from addiction, you know the feeling to finally be free. I hear a lot people talking about how this situation could effect the church. If we really wanted to help the world start healing, lets start with dealing with addiction. EVERY DAY in our lives, our churches, our jobs, our schools, people are struggling to overcome addictions. Pornography, over eating, telling lies, gossiping, stealing, alcohol, drugs, all addictions that your friends, family, pastor, co-worker, father, son, sister, mom, aunt, grandmother deal with, daily. GRACE WINS and it is time for us to stop condemning the people we love and start to help them. Help people be authentic, be real, be honest, be willing to dig in and overcome addiction. Remove the fear of rejection, hate, disappointment, and replace it with love, forgiveness and a healthy relationship. It is going to suck, it is going to hurt, there will be damage and pain, but in the end, freedom will win, and God will get the glory. When we get free God can use us to even a greater level than he has to this point. I am committed to helping people feel what I get to finally feel on a daily bases. I am committed to helping people overcome their addictions without condemnation or judgement. Are you willing to help?

Everything in me hopes this is a fake website for giggles. However, I have seen this theory in practice to many times before to be 100% for sure.  


And could my man not get a belt that actually fit? Here is a snippet of some of the pure goodness that is Christvertising. Please God, do not let this crap be real.

Peep this article from Lou Engle. I met Lou several years ago and am excited to be part of how God is using him in these times. Here is his article on Alabama: Alabama

For three years, the Lord has led me to pray for Alabama.  The burden was born out of a dream in which I was digging for the wells of revival, and I hit an obstruction. |When I dug around the obstruction, I found bones. Inscribed on the bones was Alabama.  I knew from the dream that Alabama was key to revival in America, however there were things hidden that needed to be prayed through for the breakthrough to come.  

The bones of Alabama, I believe, speak of the historic calling on the state as a forerunner for justice in America. They also speak of hidden issues that must be repented of that affect the whole nation.  It is my conviction that TheCall in Montgomery is pivotal for a great turning in America.  

In solemn assembly before the Lord, we are calling for repentance for the shedding of the innocent blood of African American slaves, racism (Montgomery – the first capitol of the confederate states), lynching, and the killing of innocent children and many others who laid down their lives for Civil Rights. But, we also believe that those who suffer the most and can still forgive receive redemptive authority to lead the nation.  We believe a new company of African American voices, birthed out of fasting and prayer, will lead the parade of history in bringing freedom from poverty in the inner cities and lead the way to the ending of abortion and movements of adoption in this nation.  

On the 40th year anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King, we want to cry out to God for a new prophetic mantle to fall on Alabama and its people to bring forth spiritual awakening and justice and, in particular, proclaiming with the clearest voice, “Let my people go!”  I believe that out of this gathering, a human life amendment could be brought forth, much like the voting amendment that was born out of the civil rights movement in 1964.  From this gathering, we will call on God for fasting and prayer movements to explode through the inner cities of Alabama and our nation that can alone shift atmospheres and restore city streets with dwellings.  

So, it is to Montgomery we go on April 5th declaring, “We have a dream!”  We have a dream that abortion can end.  We have a dream for reformation in our cities, and we have a dream that National Revival can be ignited that will transform a nation.  

Just some thoughts to think about today: 

  •  What is your spiritual DNA? Is it possible for us to all be Christians followers of Christ and yet roll in different circles? While the premise is correct that we are all under the same blood, did Gods creativity reach past that in creating sects of followers that flow in different streams?
  • If love is the foundation of our faith, which I believe it is, why is it such a hard thing to extend to others, especially when people screw up?
  • Grace is a hard concept for humanity to grasp, ironically love is as well. It sucks that anger and hate come so easy to us.
  • Hope is all around when you realize that we live in a different stream than the rest of humanity. 
  • a great song can dig deep into your soul and expose some things that God had inside you.
Okay, so thats enough for now. I would love to see some responses to these questions. Also, if you look in the bar on the right, you will see that recent comments are now made live to the open public. ciao.   

More interesting information about the perspective of our faith. We have to find a way to start communicating a better message in a more clear, relevant, and appropriate venue and fashion.  Do not blame the media, this was done by a Christian group.

Based on a recent Barna Group survey here is what Americans ages 16-29 feel when they hear these phrases based on modern day Christianity. 2 groups got polled one being Churchgoers (C) and the other Outsiders (O). The question reads: Here are some words that people could use to describe a religious faith. Please indicate if you think each of there phrases describe present-day Christianity.

  •  Judgemental: C=52% O=87%
  • Old-Fashioned: C=36% O=78%
  • Out of touch with reality: C=32% O=72%
  • Boring: C=27% O=68%
  • Confusing: C=44% O=61%
(outsiders, N=440; Christian churchgoers, N=305; Percent who say each term describes Christianity “a lot” or “some”)
A few thoughts on this. It is so telling that 44% of people who go to church find it confusing. How can we have the best message to tell and yet there 44% of those who buy into the principal find the place of refueling, community, and gathering as confusing? We are doing something VERY VERY wrong. Also, 52% of those whom are church goers find church to be judgemental. We are called to love not condemn? What the freak. As I research these findings, I am finding even more info supporting that the “Christian” has changed from a belief based on love and acceptance to a place of confusion and condemnation. We have to find a better way to ask the right questions. The questions that will birth creative thought and chase Christ.  

I have wanted for so long to write a blog about Christianity. The problem is, a lot of Christians read my blog. The fact of the matter is, the word “Christian” has lost its meaning. I wanted to start my blog by saying I am no longer a Christian. My wife talked me out of it because she said it would freak people out if they did not read the entire blog. Here is the issue. We have made being a Christian so different from what being a Jesus follower was supposed to be… The American Church has distorted what God intended for the church. That is another blog. The purpose of Christianity is to spread love. Jesus laid down the rules plain and clear: 1. Love God with all your heart. 2. Love your neighbor. Try those to things on for size.  Social initiatives have become the “cause” of celebrities, politicians, and liberal thinkers, leaving the church holding a sword more than a tool. We are not here to build a kingdom, we are here to build THE KINGDOM.  I have finally gotten it out, I have more to say on this subject but I have 2 more blogs that I want to write today, so thats enough for now. More later. I love Jesus and I love the church and the work the church does, I am just asking questions that have no direction towards anyone or anything. Cheers. 

“Christian is a great noun, but a poor adjective.”   

Noun: Person, place, thing, idea

Adjective: The part of speech that modifies a noun or other substantive by limiting, qualifying, or specifying and distinguished in English morphologically by one of several suffixes, such as -able, -ous, -er, and -est, or syntactically by position directly preceding a noun or nominal phrase.
Any of the words belonging to this part of speech, such as white in the phrase a white house.

If you are going to claim to be a “Christian” make sure you decide to live up to what that word means. The millennial generation not only does not have a desire to try to understand “Christian” they have no desire to be lumped into a group that is defined as such. Millennial’s do love God. But they want to experience His power and help bring his kingdom to earth as opposed to follow the practices and traditions of their fathers or grandfathers.

It is our job to take being a Christ Follower more seriously, more practically, more real and stop resting on our laurels. It is so much more important to buy into the revolution than it is to buy into the hype. What are you buying?

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