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WORTH DYING FOR…CREATION and all the other festivals this summer…Check Them Out!

today is friday morning. yes…KANYE is in a few hours, but work first.

we have had a crazy week. left Mobile on sunday morning, early! hit LA for some film & game meetings. good stuff…tuesday we went and got a chance to hang with Lincoln and work on the new album (Sacramento). Lincoln has a great record in the works and the new single should be released in the next 30 days or so…stay on the lookout. Linc scored a number 1 song on his last album and this record is full of heaters…its gonna be fun.

Wednesday we took off for modesto. we got to hang with WDF. It is awesome to see young worshippers finding the rhythm of their ministry. it rocks to see young people with humility moving in their gifts and not just saying it is bigger than them, but living it…humbly. God has a plan for this group and even though we are about to see a strong first week, it is the summer and fall that these kids are going to catch their rhythm and really start seeing God moving. Peep the tour schedule.

Calvary Temple is a great church on the move as well. as the hq for wdf (any more letters?) it was great to hang with pastor glen and have him speak over our lives and company.

Today God took us to another level. geographically we went to northern cali to hang in redding with JESUS CULTURE. Banning was an inspiration. his vision for this movement was clear in the short time we got to hang. “We are just here to pour gas on the revival that is taking place. We help provide a platform for young people to move the revival forward.” FRESH! Bethel Church, headed by Bill Johnson is an amazing place. I was inspired by the campus, surrounded by snow capped mountains, but even more so by the energy and the vibe of all the young adults (800) that attend the school of ministry. This place is the place to make you forget religion and find God.

tomorrow back to linc’s and get in some shopping before we head to the next town. I am so blessed to have such a dope gig.

here are some videos:

Here is a small snapshot of how hard it is to break a record in just the Christian world: 

Almost 15,000 titles released last year via distribution systems.

10% sold 20 units or more.

1,213 albums can more than 200 units.

only the top 93 units on a given week on soundscan (on average) sell 100 or units or more per week. This equates to almost 1 unit per store.

Before you release your album, sign your deal, etc, find out what your expectations are and if they can be met. Is it necessary to create a hard product for retail? Maybe a digital release makes more sense. How many units do you need to sell to pay for your album? How do you get this done? Just some thoughts.

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