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I was reading today and I guess there is a saying that goes like this: “If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans for the future.” I love this. God already knows whats next. He knows what is next after next. Even more, he has a sense of humor. He loves you, and wants the best for your life.

So stop stressing out. Trust Him. Have faith in your faith. He has you, and He plans the best for your life. Be diligent. Pray. Work hard. Use wisdom and ask questions. God knows and He already has “worked all things together for the good of those who love (obey) Him.”


Okay, not really, but do you want to win a ticket to Catalyst West Coast? The guys at Catalyst want to give away a FREE TICKET. So here is how we play….Send me an email: and tell me why YOU should win the TICKET? You are responsible for airfare, room, etc….but you get free entrance into the conference, and it WILL ROCK YOUR WORLD! Rumor also has it that there may be a free lunch.

SO, i will give some updates, im looking for creativity and passion in these notes, lets not half step kids, lets show why this is the most creative community in the blogosphere (or at least top 10).

Ready. Set. Write.


and i feel like poop still! Healing please.

Sometimes reality is better than perception. Sucks that people put such a weight and value on the perception even when it is WAY off of said reality.

Which do you value more? The perception or the reality?

Tonight in the ATL a pastor who is crazy is going to start a revival week on a campus for 3 of the most influential HBU’s in our country. I love that he is crazy enough to ask for what some people think would be impossible. I love even more that we were able to help. I will share some video after the event tonight. If you don’t know, THIS CHURCH IS DOPE. Tonight they are going to challenge these students to be THE ONE. THE ONE who can change the world just by changing something in THIER OWN WORLDS.

I have never met Shaun in person, only via blog, twitter, and email. I had not met Traci till she arrived at the Roxy to shoot the video. All this came together because of creativity, technology, and a willingness to do whatever it takes to reach a generation. I can not wait to share the video with you when Shaun sends it to me.


(I have been down and out with pneumonia for the last few days. Please excuse the lack of consistency. I am still sick, steroids and meds are starting to kick in, kinda)

Today is March 29. March 28 marks the birthday of not only my brother, but also my main homey Isaiah. Seriously, this kid is next level. I am so thankful to have him in my life. I would do anything for him. I felt this was the perfect blog to come back on, even if I am a day late.


**An Open Letter To Isaiahs Birth-Mom**

7 years ago you did the most selfless thing I can imagine. You put your emotions, feelings, and heart on the line for the betterment of your blood. Thank you for being strong enough, courageous enough, and willing to probably always wonder why, who, what….

It has been 7 years. We think you named him Gage, but we knew we had to call him Isaiah. He is the bomb. He lights up our lives. Thank you for the songs he writes, the dances he creates, the bad jokes he tells, and the life he gives us. He wants to grow up to be a pastor, or a train conductor, depending on the day.

He is very sensitive. He cares a lot about others. He loves family and protects his sisters. Sometimes he asks about you and we honor you for what you did. We explain that it was not easy, and you did it for his best. He lives a good life now. Its not extravagant but he has more than a lot of kids, and based on what we know, he probably is exposed to a different lifestyle. We do our best to keep him connected culturally to his roots, and he is excited the “President Obama is the 44th President and he looks like me.”

We will never be able to repay you for the love you have gifted our family. We pray for you and we know God honors you for doing what you did. I am not sure if there is any type of guilt or other emotion that comes with what you did, but regardless, we thank you.

Isaiah turned 7 yesterday. He had a “Holiday” birthday with Easter eggs and a Christmas cake. He is a unique boy. He loves to be at home, he runs fast, and he lives life to its fullest. Thank you for what you did, but more than that, thank you for HIM. Peace.

Crazy times. Late nights. God is doing cool stuff. I have not quit blogging, just have to get some stuff done. I will be back consistently in the next few days. Thanks for hanging in with me. Brb! Much love.

It is fun to watch people who know what they are doing. Like when a band rocks a stage because they are so confident in their song, or a speaker delivers a talk with conviction because he knows that the hope he is sharing is real.

People are scared right now. They are on a DESPERATE search for something to believe in. People want to BELIEVE. I really think God is setting up His church to be a place where people come to be empowered, encouraged, and INSPIRED. Today I found this little site online that put some perspective around the year that is 2009. Check it out.



Where are you finding your inspiration? How are you framing life right now? Are you spreading hope? Inspiration breads production. Being reactive all the time breeds fear. We have the most powerful creative force in the universe on our side, we should not be reacting right now, but pioneering.

So what is your identity?

Do you know who you are? What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses? What do you do well, and what are you still learning?

Great companies, teams, organizations, people, and relationships know their identity. Regardless of who or what you do, there will be times when YOUR THING goes through a rough season. Profits will dip, people will leave, you will struggle, YOUR THING will be tested. The organizations, teams, and people that make it through rough times know their identity.

Have you discovered your identity? Do you know what makes you fight, win, tick? Do you know your strengths and how to maximize them, as well as your weaknesses, and core focus?

know your identity. in tough times. who are you?

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