So you want to figure our how to create a good experience? LISTEN and care. It is that simple. If you listen you will hear all you need to know, most of the time, to help someone, meet their needs, provide a service, or create a quality experience.

Not rocket science, not even difficult really. Just listen and try to accommodate what you hear (care).

Yesterday I had lunch at a bakery, because they have wi-fi. I ordered Tomato Basil soup, and a grilled cheese sandwich. Not difficult. I order the same thing every time, so I have learned how I need to communicate it to the cashier. Ordering is tricky. Do you want the bowl of soup or the cup? Half sandwich or whole? I have figured it out…so I thought.

I place the normal order, and somehow ended up with a kids sandwich and bowl of soup. Simply, because the person who was listening did not really LISTEN, and probably had something else more important to her on her mind. Also, she forgot to give me my drink cup.

Create the best experiences possible. Become the best church, band, organization, employee, employer, friend, pastor, caretaker, or cashier possible…LISTEN, then care. That simple, that powerful.