i heard a talk the other day and the speaker made a comment that was an amazing perspective to embrace. Only 40 short years ago, RACISM was the biggest social people issue. It was a dividing, religious, and polarizing debate that would tear people to the core.  I was not around, but I can remember even in the 80’s hearing people say that we could never have a black president. The events of the past year have shown that while RACISM still exists, we are making strides to bring people of different colors together. 

Here is the encouraging word, ABORTION is todays social people issue. If in 40 short years our country could begin to cross the divide of color, I have hope that over the next 40 years we can create a bridge to helping erase this issue. We can do it, if we try. 

Simply put, if in 4o years we can start to recover from the war of race, maybe in the next 40 years we can recover from the war over life. Racism, just like abortion, has been a life issue.